A/N: More and more I see freedom slipping from us in America. I see us giving it up. A little here, a little there. It's no longer what can we do to serve this country, but what can this country do to serve us. We look to the government to solve problems that we ourselves should be solving. Essay on this to come, in bits and pieces, but for now, just a poem.

Will we lift our eyes towards the heavens?

Or will we stare down to the depths of hell?

Will we ponder on what should be done?

Or reminisce on what we have lost?

Take aim

Be true

Have faith in yourself and in Freedom

For it is Freedom in which our they fought and died

Do not give it up so freely

Do not dash away what they said

For they were wise

Do not throw away what was left for us

For it is there for a purpose

My country

My friends

My brothers and sisters

Don't allow freedom

To slip from our grasp