To Faithless Juliet:

I know I am not suppose to respond to reviews in a chapter form, but because I don't want to be misunderstood and you did not leave an email in which I could reach you at, I say this:No, I am not asking us to rise against our leaders. We elect our leaders, be it if I agree with them or not. (I am a Bush supporter, to be sure). I am saying that we need to be careful b/c I believe that the Supreme Court has far too much power and that many people are loosing their freedoms because of it. A child's right to live, for example. The liberals scream and holler about a "woman's right to choose" but how does she have a right to choose over a life that is not hers? It is not a law in the constitution and I believe our Forefathers are rolling in their graves about now if they're seeing what our country, that they fought so hard to protect and develop, has become. I'm asking the American people to get up off their lazy butts, stop giving away freedoms bit by bit so they can have more government hand outs and more ways to be lazy. That, my dear, is what I was trying to say. Forgive the misunderstanding.

- Enjolras