In the far future there is a man destined to change his destiny and the destiny of everyone else…

If there is no more hope in the world than where do people turn? If nobody will stand up and fight than what is there left to live for? If the world is only choosing to come to destruction is it worth saving? All of these thoughts ran across Captain Sethon's mind. He is a very young man and especially young for a captain. Sethon once had the name of one of the best fighters in the world as a wrestler and a boxer. He knew all of the moves and he's learning how to fight with weapons.

The wind grew stronger and the once white beautiful clouds in the bright blue sky were starting to turn grey. Sethon stood at the top of a descent size building and looking down. He stared to wonder if the world is really worth saving or if it is worth staying on. He cam e to a decision and leapt off of the building traveling at an incredible speed. The velocity took control of him as he tumbled down to the earth below. As he neared the ground he couldn't stand the anticipation and closed his eyes and his body took its final blow to the cement. The last thought in his mind is the face of god and hoping that heaven is real because that is the only place Sethon wants to be after earth. It all is happening so fast, but it didn't cause too much shock for everyone for this sort of thing happens often now. Every day at least ten people all jumping off because the world they can't stand anymore.

Still after all this time the world had been occupied with life there is still no news of other life anywhere. Perhaps there isn't and everyone is doomed to die unhappy lives. Recently there are no more graves for spaces have run to low for such a thing to be a factor. Trees are scarce around only in the deepest of places. Cities are everywhere and there aren't even farms anymore. The air is much harsher since the trees have gone. The world produces artificial air now. The criminal world on the earth s much larger now and that is what produces much of the destruction. Every place on the world is now a city, but most cites are torn apart because of all the criminals going tin and out. Also many of the former animals are not of existence anymore. They started dying after many attempts of the government to wipe them out. The government, since the beginning started to crash, is succeeding in only to their own causes. They no longer care for the people and do things only to their free will. They also crushed the police needing to attention to their own causes and not enough money for law enforcement. This destroyed the world. That is why Captain Sethon can't handle it anymore. That is why he is no longer. This is happening to a lot of people and soon all that will be left will be the government. Soon all life might end and the economy is too blind to see it.

Twenty Years Later…

The dawn is touching across the mountains and into the newly lit apartment. Finally there is a group coming and fighting against the government. NO more I stalk fighting though. These new people know how to take action. There is to be a tournament to decide who shall be victorious; the government verses the Thunder Hawks. The Thunder Hawks are starting to come from the world of Phoenix. On the world of Phoenix the people that live there are color people. I'm not talking about the 'white' and 'black' of the stupid mind games that Americans played so long ago. This they really are colors. They come in blue, green, orange, purple, yellow, black, red, pink, white, and aqua. Most of the people came in different shades of the color from the darkest of it until the lighter version. This is all normal on the world of Phoenix, unlike earths past. At least earth didn't think such things as white and black anymore. That is the only good thing that has come to be after all these years.

A beautiful woman woke up as the morning sunlight flashed into her room and she rose from her bed. She quickly ran over to her mirror and combed her natural blue hair until it decided not to fluff out anymore. Then without putting any clothes on she went outside on her porch. Her name is Mandy and she is one of the ones that came from the world Phoenix. All that she is wearing is a pear of scarlet colored panties. Her body is very well like that of a supermodel and her green eyes shine quicker than the sun. Her hair is a darker blue than the skin of her body which is very light, but not sky blue for it is darker than that. She stared to smile and a smile so perfect even angels became quickly jealous of it. Her nails can shine in the use wit the perfect color of purple that they are to match with her body so well. She watched from her porch as all of the flying vehicles flew by. Her breasts are starting to get cold and so she quickly skips back inside to put on clothing for work.

After dressing up for work she went to a close healthy fast food place to pick up a bite to eat and took it to work with her. As she made her way In the office all of the human guys automatically stop everything they're doing to stop and stare at her. By now she is used to such attention being to incredibly gorgeous. She sat at her computer and browsing at some files to find ways to crush the government. Automatically fighting records came on her screen. Nothing recent but from the past there are many occasions in which there were great fighters. Now she tried to find some good matches to face against the strongest organization in the world at that point.

One thing that Mandy is willing to do is fight for herself. She is defiantly going to be joining the fighting, but others to help she must find. She found some that could be popped up and rejoined to the world. With the Phoenix technology almost anything is possible. That's when she found the perfect match, a man by the name of Captain Sethon. Back in his time he was the most against the government and he only died twenty years from the present. He ended up killing himself because he couldn't take it anymore, and another thing is that he is well skilled in fighting. Mandy needed him so much that she couldn't take the anticipation any longer that she decided to resurrect him as soon as possible and she became out the door.

The thing she didn't expect as she as running out the door was to meet face to face with Justin. Justin is the head leader of the government business and one to join the fight. His thick eyebrows flashed in the sun and his golden brown hair rustled in the wind. She looked deep into his bluish grey eyes and she felt lost. The young man is handsome, but has an extreme attitude.

"I see you're gallivanting around trying to find a way to beat us when it's not possible," Justin said smiling.

"You know nothing about me!" Mandy said.

"Yes, but that's not how much I want to know," Justin said moving closer to Mandy pressing his body to hers.

"Get away from me!" she screamed.

"You know you want to!" Justin yelled.

"What I want is the opposite of that which you want, I want a relationship not just sex," Mandy said.

"I don't think that's true," Justin said.

With his last statement she walked closer to him and smacked him in the face. Then she quickly took off running with tears streaming down her face.

When she reached the blood library something amok seemed to be happening. Up at the top another human being was about to jump off. This is insane were the words that echoed in her mind. Without taking another thought she ran inside and up the stairs to try and stop the man.

"Don't try and stop me!" the man yelled as she arrived.

"I don't want to stop you, I want to talk, seriously," she said.

"Yes sure, try and get me to get off so you can put me in jail," he said.

"No. Why are you doing this? Is it because of the government?" she said.

"Yes I can't stand it anymore!" he said.

"There is hope. I'm in an organization that is fighting back. If you can fight we could use you. If not there are other things you can do to help," she said.

"I don't trust you," he said.

"Please, just give me a chance," she said.

Later that day inside the blood library, Mandy found a sample hair of Sethon. She quickly stole it without being seen and brought it back to her lab where she could bring him back.

"Is this the hair of the man?" asked a scientist as she handed him the sample.

"Yes this is the one that will win our war," she said.

"Great," the scientist said.

They put the hair under the life scope while the process commenced. Lights flittered and crashed out of their sockets. A man's scream took off throughout the area. They are the screams of Sethon when he died. He rose and fell back down unconscious.

"Wake up," Mandy said.

"Are you an angel?" Sethon said.

Mandy laughed realizing that Sethon's last memory was dying. "No, I am here fighting against the government. We need your help," she said.

"What year is it?" Sethon said.

"There are no more years, but I can tell you its twenty years after you died," she said.

"What do you want of me?" he asked.

"We need to be a fighter against the government Sethon," she said.

"Like street fighting?" he asked.

"Yes," she said smiling realizing how attractive he is.

"Ok I will join if you do something for me," he said.

"Yes what do you want?" she said.

"Call me Viper, and after all of this mess you promise to go on a date with me," the new Viper said.

"I don't know about that, but I will call you Viper," she said.

"Good enough for now," Viper said.