No one will forget the looks he got,

As he walks down the street where he lost his friends.

Blind and lost in a town long forgot,

No one ever cared how his story ends.

The falling sun blinds his eye,

So he walks with a lowered head.

Maintaining the steady question "why?"

He wishes he could be dead.

One who's mind istoo young

To remember, let alone understand,

Asks the man why he begs to be hung.

The child offers an open hand.

The man's eyes close

Wishing for some reason.

But no one really knows

Why man commits self treason.

When he opens his eyes once more

The boy is now a man,

Exposed to the world of hate and gore,

He still asks why he once had ran.

With a heavy sigh the man he speaks,

After all those years of silence.

He'd hidden his eyes for a thousand weeks,

In fear of all the angry violence.

He explains how he ran when he lost his heart,

Betrayed an entireworld's trust.

He only came back to earn a fresh start,

He couldn't do what he must,

his shattered soul broken apart.

So with the pain still in his eye

He stares at the once was child,

Turns his head to a bright blue sky,

and finally he smiles.

The man, now old, leans, forth,

walks on past a boy now grown,

eyes to the sky heading for the north,

he'll start again where he's unknown.