To sit back and watch

One might think we were all mad

And perhaps we are

Who is to say who is sane any longer?

Of course

No one.

When a former president during his term doesn't know

What the meaning of the word "is" is

And when men no longer love women

And women no longer love men

When children are taught about sex before they can have it

And told it's okay

Everyone's doing it

Isn't that so?

So does that make it right?

Who's to say?

When a man walks down the street dressed as a woman

And no one thinks anything of it

And you know

Lean closer, I can't say it very loud

We might get in trouble for saying one foul thing about it

When preachers can't say what is wrong

In their own churches

They're not even yelling it on the streets.

They're hate crimes

Of course!

Silly little Christian!

You can't have morality!

Just because our country was based upon it

Who's to say?

Not that separation of church and state is in the constitution

No, really, it isn't.

Hadn't you heard?

Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter

Using those words

And that establishment clause

You know, who needs the second half of it?

Did you know there was a last part?

Congress cannot establish religion

Nor may they prohibit it


Slip up there.

When freedom is traded for money

And money is given for the lazy

It's not that you can't find work

It's that you don't want to

And why work?

When the government gives you a hand out?

But where does that money come from?

Who's to say?

Certainly they're not stealing it from the people of the working class!

Yes, I know

You moan and you groan about the rich not paying enough

You ignore the fact that they pay over 55.5 percent of the taxes!

And the working class

Yes, we the working class

Take the brunt of it

When you sit on your butts

Taking the government handouts

"You're too harsh!"

You might be saying

But who's to say?

You tell me I can't push my beliefs off on you

About what I believe on the subject of




Sex beyond and outside of marriage

Such trivial things in our culture

Who's to say?

But if I can't.

Neither can you.

A/N: Just a note, and please read though I know you're probably fuming at the moment. It tends to be a common reaction to the truth put in the form of satire and sarcasm. But when I speak of those not finding a job and simply taking the government's handouts, I'm not talking about those that have something wrong with them so they can't find a job. I'm talking about those that can find a job, have the ability, and simple choose not to.

Thank you