Okay, writing a comment back to "Proud" b/c I felt a need to… I did read everyone else's and thank you for your critique. Very kind of you to take a moment out of your day.

Anyway, onto Proud, I daresay you're putting words in my mouth and skewing my meaning to Kingdom Come. "I have seen you criticizing other religions" you say. I'm trying to remember when I did that, and if I did, you must have taken it out of context b/c this is a free country. You can be any religion you want. Do as you wish, I've got friends that are other regions, and while it pains me to believe that they are led astray from Truth, it is their decision in life. What did I say about Islam or Alah? I love to learn about other cultures and other faiths, it intrigues me to no end. A group of friends and I went downtown in my city once and ran across an other group of people and we began chatting with them, I don't remember their religion now, it's been several years, but I do remember being just enthralled by the discussion. Quite interesting, all of it.

I beg to differ, that no one cares what I think. Obviously you do or you wouldn't have written this oh so lovely review of yours! If you honestly, truly didn't care what I thought, you would have perhaps shrugged a little at it, thought me a fool, and gone upon your happy way. In which you have the right to do. You have the right to write this review as well, and I have the right to write my poems and my essays. As of now, we still have some semblance of free speech.

I'm narrow minded… There's a saying, have you heard it, that if you are too open minded that people will throw trash in it. I try to not allow that, and yet I try to listen to those of the opposing view point, or how shall I learn what to believe? I believe what I believe over a lifetime of learning. Why do you believe what you believe?

Please, do not ever suppose that I support hate crimes. Nothing could turn my stomach worse than to think of someone injured because of any kind of hate crime. I disagree with the act of homosexuality. Disagree very strongly, but guess what? I have friends that are homosexual. I do no think less of them for their acts, I simply do not agree. Do not presume to put words in my mouth when I have never once promoted hate crimes. In my poem, I believe that is what you are referring, I was saying how ridiculous it is that pastors - inside their churches! – can't say that homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible b/c they might offend someone! If you had left it that I was a fool or even called me names, I can overlook that, but people putting words in my mouth and calling me "gay-basher" and "one who promotes hate crimes" makes me sick.

Please, email me. I noted that you didn't leave yours and therefore this was my only way of reaching you. I do hope you read this. I hope it clears things up. I would NEVER support hate crimes, nor tell someone they could not practice their religion. Dare I go so far to expect the same? Probably not….