It's a crazy world we live in

Live in, love in

An earthly symphony of pain


I used to care about the skies

Clouds and sunsets

Like the fires of the soul

Empty, solely


Gardens of flowers ever blooming

Ever, never

Mazes, lost in hazes

Running, from what I just forgot

Nothing's ever worth the blood, pain

Sweat, gain

Remember what I told you?

I never said I loved you

That was just a dream you had

Wished, had

I never let you hold me

That wasn't me

Are you drifting away from yourself?

I find it hard to tell you

I find you hard to take

Half your memories are fake

Twisted, distorted

There were no kisses in the rain

No sweet flower afternoons

No, that was you

Your mind saw the pictures

I never saw them, no

Where are your dreams now?

As I walk away

As the whale breached

That was never me

That was never me

I never said I loved you

That was in your head

I never heard you whisper

"You are all the dreams I had"

And I think its kinda funny

With you looking all sad

Where is the carnival now?

That it's no longer open

But you continue to hear the music

Where are you living?

You look the same on the outside

Every day

No change

Like time has stopped inside

While you're running

To catch up to something missing

I never said I loved you

I never heard your whispers


I never said I loved you

I never said I cared

I never said I waited

But you saw it anyway…

for once i can say this is a poem that...doesn't apply to me. it was inspired by the song "mad world"