Imagineā€¦The Truth

I believe God knew that there would be troubles for us in this world.

I think that's why he gave us the power of imagination.

This gift was, by far, the greatest thing he could have offered.

And we humans, being the greedy creatures that we are, snatched it up without question.

Imagination allows you to slip into the pages of your favorite book or sink into the make-believe times of a good movie.

God gave us a chance; a chance to get away from reality if it should ever overpower us or become unbearable.

Imagination takes away the pain or the sadness that creeps into our thoughts.

The most wonderful part is that the gift can give us insight; insight on how to deal with those everyday struggles or to make the sadness ebb away into nothing.

Imagination gives you a friend when you haven't one, it brings you joy when you have just been crushed.

It turns a horrible day into an adventure.

But God also saw our greed and gave us the other side to imagination; the side that we have no control over.

It is the side of us that when it gets dark, allows the shadows to grow and lengthen, becoming hideous creatures that haunt the night.

But these otherworldly dreams keep us sane, remembering that there is such a thing as reality and it should be cherished

. Because that is what imagination is all about; knowing everything, and knowing nothing, all at once.