By: Gray Angel

Slowly shut my eyes at night.

Dream my dreams.

Dreams that I don't want.

A burden that is too heavy for me to carry.

The drug that's been pumped into my veins goes straight into my heart.

Just let me die,

Let me give up.

I open my eyes from the dreams that don't want.

Walk around the earth that I don't want to be part of.

Hold the knife that will end my life.

Swallow the poison that will stop my heart.

Look into the mirror that is left of my life.

Drop the knife and drop the poison.

Fall down to my knees, tears drop to the ground.

Nothing left to do but to cry.

No friends,

No brothers,

No nothing.

Just alone, in the dark room that I call my mind.

Take in a deep breath.

Look into the mirror

Fall back into bed,

Just to dream, dreams that I don't want.