Forgotten 2

By: Gray Angel

Another year has passed.

Still I am forgotten.

I am tiny minuscule compared to everything.

Always forgotten.

Always overlooked.

The dust falls upon the book of my life.

No one ever to turn it pages.

Soon it shall turn to dust.

For I am once again forgotten.

No one knows the pain I must endure.

Why would they know?

For I am Forgotten

Like an old book tossed into a fire.

Like the pages of my life.

I watch them burn.

Never to be read,

Only to be forgotten.

To fade from life,

I write this whine with no regrets.

For I know in my mind that no one will know.

I am forgotten,

Forever to banished from the plane of existence.

Shut my eyes and my soul.

The book closes as I have wrote the last word.

The last word of my life.

The last word of my death.

I toss my book into the flaming pit.

For I am forgotten.