Chapter 1

The Quarry

"Hey, Rosanne, can we go to the quarry?!" Seth called to his mom as Jenna and Matty jumped up and down, hoping she'd say yes.

"Sure, but be back before Jenna's dad gets here!" she called back and Jenna almost screamed with excitement.

The quarry wasn't far into the woods from Matty and Seth's house, but it was the best place in the entire world according to Jenna. She didn't really know what she found so exciting about it, though. It was just a short path through the woods that came to a dusty clearing. And if you walk all the way to the edge of the cliff and look down, all you can see is water. It wasn't that high up, but it was scary enough for a five year old.

At least, that's how old Jenna was. Matty was six and Seth was seven. But they had been friends since as far as she could remember. Anyway, they were all excited about walking to the quarry. Maybe just because it held some sense of adventure.

"Race you guys there!" Matty called out and they all began running. Seth ran ahead of him and Jenna tagged along behind Matty. They rushed past weeds and thorns and all sorts of clingy vines that grabbed on to Jenna's shirt and scratched her arms, but she didn't care. They were almost to the clearing.

Soon they all skidded to a halt in the dust and Jenna turned to face the cliff. She walked slowly to the edge and heard Matty's and Seth's footsteps trailing behind her. When they were all at the edge, they sat down, feet dangling off the side and absentmindedly grabbed a few rocks to throw into the glistening water.

"So, what are you gonna wear for your first day of school, Jenna?" Seth questioned.

"I dunno," she replied

"She's probably gonna wear some kind of dressey or something," Matty said mockingly.

"No she's not," Seth said defiantly, "Jenna's not like that. She doesn't wear dresseys."

Jenna couldn't help but smile at that. It was true. She didn't wear dresses if she could help it. And Matty and Seth didn't, so why should she? She was as much like them as they were like her and she didn't mind acting like a boy.

It was quiet for awhile as they stared out over the quarry. Then Jenna turned to face her two friends and realized just how much she loved being there. The warm breeze sent some short, frizzy brown curls across her eyes and she brushed them away with a dirty hand. Seth felt her staring and turned to her.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing," she replied to her friend, but she really meant "Everything." These two boys that she was growing up with had given her everything.

Almost everything she owned was only because "Matty and Seth have it." Everything she did was because she wanted to be "Just like Matty and Seth."

Except for the fact that she was a girl. But they did everything together. And she learned almost everything she knew from them. So why didn't she say "Everything?"

Because she should have. Only, she didn't realize it until much later.