Three Little Letters

Three letters scribbled on my hand

Three letters that say so much

The 'G' is shaped rather neatly

The 'O" makes a lovely mate

But the poor letter 'D' seems sort of squished.

Some many peculiar looks

Confusion painted on their faces

Why would I have Your name upon my hand?

I smile inwardly

Keep writing

I don't say anything

Until their gazes meet mine

Until the question is asked

"Why do you have God on your hand?"

A smile illuminates my already cheery features

And I give a little shrug

It's a little reminder

A little personal message

Something I learned from Bruxy

To help me to think of You

To give You a place in my day.

I don't want to put You in the basement of my mind

I want You with me daily

Walking by my side

So I write Your name upon my hands

Near my wrist

Just below my thumb

On my palms

It's a tiny little reminder

A personal message

A Post-It note

Three Little Letters scribbled upon my hands

Ensure I don't forget to talk with You daily.

A/N: When I was at ayouth conference on the May two four weekend, the speaker Bruxy suggested we write God on our hands... to remind us to think of Him not lock Him in the far recesses of our minds...I thought it was a neat idea... so I now do it pretty much daily...and today like 2 or 3 people asked me about it...which was kinda neat... so I decided to write alittle poem... Not one of my better poems, but i like it...It has special meaning.