A cop is outside my window, waiting for my confessions. his face is fresh and weak. I can see all his pain within his eyes, not that i care though. heh.

"I've been having evil thoughts my father"
"killing all my 'best' friends"
"With knifes and cars, and my roten breath as i speak the word death"
"Can you see it in my eyes, the pain of all my friends? "
"I can feel their pain, all though they can not even SENSE my pain"
"Thier eyes give it away, they ask why i am talking all this shit through the soul less holes in their un forgiving eyes. I say why they say shut up with no words. Fuck 'em all."

I feel myself take my body out of the wooden cage. with turn of my head , my shoulder lenght black hair glides away from me face and i see a thrid been in the church


"your dead, leave." I star at a blank face, suddenly the other wooden door struggles to open.


Throgh the cage to god's captive

"why bother to look, its just another dead body to regret... or NOT"

As I leave the chruch You'd think i would feel some remorse, i do believe in god I do serve him but i do not serve his captives. MY gun gets tucked into my tight fit blue jeans (why wear anything else when you know you look good) I put my hair up into a low ponytail with samll strings of hair hanging from each side. They blow out in the wind as any regret i may feel.

Why regret when you know its just going to come back when you finish regreting and never forget...

Hell Hath No Fury like a Woman Scorned