I stopped to fill my car up. Again. The damn thing was eating more gas than I was putting in it. Well, dammit, I was only putting $20 in. I went to pay, but as I did, I heard voices, a man and a woman's. Shouting. I did my best to ignore it. I hate shouting. As I opened the gas station door, I realised that both voices were familiar, but I couldn't figure out what it was about them and pushed it to the back of my mind. I paid up and started to leave, but couldn't. The arguing couple had positioned themselves between me and my car. It was then that I realised who the couple were. I knew that she and him were seeing each other, but obviously things weren't that great. Poor guy, she was really laying into him. He turned, to walk away, but she grabbed him and hit him around the waist. I couldn't believe he would put up with this. I'm not a believer in violence, but if I'd been in his shoes…. Well. But he didn't. He tried his best to keep things cool, even though the atmosphere was explosive.

"Calm down please." He asked her quietly. But no, she was still laying into him. Things had quieted down by now, and were now exchanging angry whispers.

"Don't do this. Can't we work this out?" He pleaded with her. But she was having none of it. Even from across the forecourt I could see the look of hurt in his eyes. I couldn't help but sympathise with him, I'd been there so myself so many times. I found myself wishing that there was something I could do, but what would have been the point? Sure, I knew who they were, but I was just an onlooker, what could I do, right? At that moment everything changed. I'll try and describe it, but if I can't, y'know. I tried. Seeing that there was nothing I could do, I prepared to leave. As I opened my car door, I couldn't help but look back. As I did so, he and I made eye contact. Have you ever had one of those moments when time seems to expand? Everything becomes so clear, and you notice every minute detail of everything around you. Well, it was kinda like that. It was almost as if everything was understood, and we were staring into each others' souls. I'm not sure how long we stood there, it coulda been seconds, it coulda been minutes, when a voice snapped us both out of it. She was back.

"I'm sorry, you just made me so mad…. Let's go."

As I got in my car, I looked back again. If she did start again, hell, I was going to. But she didn't. They got in their car and began to leave, passing my own car. As they did, I noticed him looking in my direction to see him mouth

"Thank you" and leave.