"A Question of Honor"

While listening to Sarah Brightman's CD, the track"A Question of Honour" began to play. Now, many things in life set my mind to working and it usually takes only something very small to bring out something very large, and it is the case, it is this. I started listening to the song, put it on repeat, and brought out a pen and paper, jotting down my notes and my thoughts on it. Honor… What does it mean to you? To this country? To anyone and everyone, honor might mean something different, but, obviously, this is my opinion on it. Be it as it is, you may flame me for it, but you have your opinions just as I have mine.

I tend to like to look up certain words that are in question on the online dictionary. I think that if I put down exactly what it has, how can a person argue with the definition? It's what the dictionary states it as.

Esteem is the first definition it gives to "honor". To "esteem" is to regard with respect. I pose this question: how might America be respected if we bend our knee to every country around us? The United Nation, in my humble opinion, is a joke that we should be rid of and would be better off for it. They use our country as a base, they take our money for it, and whatcomes of it?Now, I know I have lost many of you right there. But what do they do besides give out worthless sanctions and sit around and talk of this and that? Talk does little good without action. They don't stop genocides, there is still slavery in the world, there are still people starving to death, and they were a major factor in the oil for food scandal, but I digress. I could write a whole separate paper on the U.N. and I won't bore you with that at the moment. Back to "esteem." You earn the world's respect by first respecting yourself enough to stand up for your country. If we continue on with worthless talks we'll end up in the gutter, simple as that. America is strong now, but for how long if we continue to talk meaningless talkswith North Korea? North Korea is run by a mad man that would sooner blow us up than talk with us on any given day, and you never know which day that might be with Kim Jong Il. Will we respect ourselves if we don't get off our lazy rears and get into action? I certainly hope not, because there is no worth in slothfulness. Do not get me wrong, I am guilty of it too. When I write my papers, I speak just as much to myself as I do to anyone who reads them.

Another definition the online dictionary gives (you can find this at dictionary . com if you are so inclined) is "distinction." I believe it was Sandra Day O'Conner of the Supreme Court (please someone correct me if this is wrong!) that pulled a document from a European country as a reference for something they were trying to pass in the American Supreme Court. Now, I ask you, is that distinction? If we had wanted to be a part of Europe we should have never fought the revolution and it would have saved thousands of lives and quite a bit of trouble for our Founding Fathers, but did you know that they wanted to be separate from England? Yes, I would hope that you would. They fought for honor. They fought for distinction. They wanted to be separated from England because they thought that what they (England) were doing was wrong. They separated, a war was fought, and everything else is history.

I look out on the American population and see a great decline in honor today and it saddens me greatly. Men have no honor to stand by their wives and wives have no honor to stand by their husbands(1), or so it seems. Have we fallen so far as to no longer understand the phrase, "in sickness and in health, until death do us part"? I suppose Mr. Schiavo simply wanted to hurry that process along so that he could spend time with his mistress. I didn't realize that it meant that you could murder your wife to leave her. Where's the honor in that?

Women today have lost a great deal of our honor, as a whole. Did you realize that in the 19th century, in the upper classes of society if a woman was to be found to have sex outside of wedlock that she would be shunned?(2) And today, have you noticed, we praise it! And if a woman gets pregnant and that baby is an inconvenience, then heaven forbid she go through nine months of pregnancy, have the child, and put him or her up for adoption.(Might I remind you that families in America are either waiting on long lists for adoptions or having to go over seas now days because there are too few children to adopt in America. This would be because of abortion.) That would be an inconvenience. Heaven forbid.

I feel that men and woman both see sex as something much lighter than it is. It shows a complete lack of self-respect to sleep around. Perhaps, even, a lack of respect in general. It aids the falling of society, it lessens the quality of having your "first time" with your husband or wife, and the list goes on and on. People are spreading STDs all over because they cannot choose one person and stick with them. Why such indecision except for the fact that they simplydon't care?

Many people have questioned the War in Iraq. There's a line in the song I was writing about earlier that says, "when two men collide, it's a question of honor." I think that would be a correct statement. It used to be considered honorable for men to go to war to fight for their homeland and to protect their wives and children at home (or in today's society, simply their children at home as women go off to fight as well).

Don't you find yourself feeling better once you've helped someone? Once you've stood up for another person's rights who could not stand up for themselves? Isn't that what we've done in the Middle East? Women can vote! Men aren't frightened that Sadam is going to gas them and their families if they say something wrong. We should find esteem within ourselves for what we have done, not look down on our troops and our president who is striving with all his will to do what he sees as honorable, and what is honorable. We have fought for those that could not fight for themselves, as America always should. We are the most powerful country in the world and responsibility to help those in need comes with that. We are not bullies, we are liberators.

Really, these are just opinion articles. This "essay" and the ones that will follow, I mean to say. What I think, what I feel, and what I believe. I believe that we should not look down on the honorable thing but stretch it up high so that we all strive to be better than we are today and work towards a goal that is set higher than we thought we could reach yesterday. A better tomorrow is what we should strive for. For us and for everyone. Look forward, keep an eye on the past lest we repeat it, but always want to be better than you are and fight for what is right. Not through meaningless chatter in the UN, but through action and support of our troops and President Bush. Strive to be honorable in everything you do. Strive to better than you are today, no matter if you are the lowest of the low that thinks you may never come out of it, you can. And if you feel yourself a saint already, take a look, there's always room for improvement.

Thank you for your time.

- Enjolras.

(1) Do not mistake me for saying there is never a reason for divorce in today's society. There are exceptions to nearly every rule. I speak in general terms.

(2) Not advocating this! Don't misunderstand, it's just an example!