Family is a Four Letter Word


Celine tossed her short blonde hair over her sholder for the sixth time and pulled a face. Why wasn't her hair longer? She sighed wistfully as she thought of her cousin's long bouncy shiny curls. It just wasn't fair! She sighed again and tuned her back on the mirror.

"Celine!" Her mother's voice yelled up the stairs.

Here we go again. She thought.

"Yes mummy?" She called in a sickly sweet voice.

"Don't patronise me!" Her mother yelled, out of habit. "Come downstairs, Leigh's here!"

Leigh. Her cousin. She of the perfect hair, and the perfect nails and the perfect….Ugh. Everything.


For her mere thirteen years, Celine was very mature. Her pale blue eyes, dark blonde hair and pretty figure showed everyone that she was going to be a real beauty, and she was intelligent and witty. But she was incredibly jealous, and unfourtunately for her cousin, Leigh was the one she was focusing all of her jealousy on.

Leigh was sitting in the kitchen, sipping a glass of wine when Celine came in.

"Hi, Cel!"

Don't call me Cel! You've only known me for about half a year, you don't deserve to be making up nicknames for me yet!

"Hi Leigh! How are you?"

"Oh, I'm fine! I've been having a hell of a time with exams, though."

"Oh really?" Celine's mother asked,

"Yes. You see…" The conversation trickled off, and Celine went back to her thoughts. Leigh was her mother's brother's daughter. He had had a messy devorce with his wife, Isabel, when Leigh was about two, and as a result, any possible relationship Leigh might have had with him was essentially ruined. Isabel had remarried, to a man named James, and he had legally adopted her four years ago. Her mother's brother, Oliver, had tried to make amends, but it had not worked, and eventually he had remarried as well, and had another daughter. Lisa, his new wife, was a bitch in every sense of the word. She, as Dena (Celine's mother) so loved to point out, was "a tweezer lipped whore who never did anyone any good". Leigh usually lived out of state with her mother and their menagerie of pets, but she had come to Boston to study music.

At that moment, Kerri, Celine's nine year old sister burst through the door.

"Mummy! I scraped my knee!"

And that effectively ended the conversation. Dinner was small; a selection of Mexican dishes that George, Celine's father, had wanted to try out, and Leigh left soon after.

"That was nice." Dena declaired, after everything had been cleaned up. Celine grunted, and went to turn on the TV.

"Uh, where do you think you're going? You have school tomorrow!"


"No buts. Bed."

Celine trailed dejected ly up the stairs to her room. Bloody Mondays.


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