It's amusing how you said you love me

And then you went and did what you did.

You never thought much of anything,

Especially when it came to me and you.

Apparently I was chasing something I couldn't see

Even though it was right there in front of me.

How am I supposed to answer to someone else's fears?

Masked by a blinding light

I took a chance for a glimpse of your memory.

When will you realize everything you did to me?

You took away my innocence, while I gave you everything I could.

Depression comes more often then goes.

Piercing trust with simple lines scratching through the truth.

A heart's mistake could be fatal to the spirit.

Cast aside by an unwilling soul

To breakaway from an unexplored emptiness.

Circumstances tear down walls almost as fast as they go up.

Warmth is no longer welcomed here.

Bitter with frustration and unending memory

Pieces stolen and crushed with bruises to match.

Taken for granted by my own ignorance,

Innocence broken but not lost completely.

Everything was apparent at first,

But 'luminated by lust.

No longer settling for what's in reach.

What happened to our happiness?

It must have gotten lost amongst all the tears.

What happened to the mask you were supposedly wearing?

Why do you have to pretend with me?

Now I'm stuck in neutral while you try to push right through me.

Nobody wants to be here anymore!

I realize you're the one who's confused me

And that nothing in life is free!

Such confessions strain a dangerous mind.