I could probably tell you
I could probably tell the world
I've got nothing to loose
But my pride
And that pride is lost

Still I remain quiet
Still I cry alone

I know I could need you
I know I could need the world
I've got so much to gain
People to love
And that love is strong

Still I remain lonely
Still I hide on my own

I'm not alone
I love so much
I feel

Secrets in the dark
Told when lights are out
When you don't judge me
When you can't see
How telling words
Destroys me

I want to talk
I want to sing
I want to scream
But words are lost
And my voice is gone
And the only sound is silence

You hide with me
You look at me
You see how I struggle
You listen

Yet I can't speak
Yet I can't talk
Yet I can't tell

But I whisper
So low
I whisper

Do you hear me?