Pain Is Scary

Part One

Nyx, the Goddess of Night, and Aurora, the Goddess of Dawn, squared off, neither of them allowing the other any sort of advantage or opening with which they could use to win their little dispute. They were slowly circling each other, constantly moving, never breaking eye-contact. Their mandatory soft-soled leather boots made no sound as they criss-crossed over one another, allowing for the most graceful movements and providing less of a hindrance for the both of them. The two Goddesses didn't have the time to watch their feet, because if they had to do that, their opponent would take it as a weakness and strike.

This circling of your opponent went on for a good while, neither goddess portraying any sign of the waning of their will, conviction or patience. Neither of them struck or acted upon an opening, simply because there were no openings to act upon, which can come to be a problem when acting upon one.

"I can keep this up all day," Nyx challenged, as if gloating, trying to psyche-out or annoy Aurora. It didn't work—she's too confident and intelligent to fall for such a simply, almost insulting, ploy.

"I can as well," she countered. Nyx scowled.

They were fighting under orders from their superiors—Hades and Zeus, the ever quarreling brothers. They hate each other, and ache to see the other one fall. They cannot fight one another—for old vows made eons ago—but they can send those under their control to fight for them. This results in many minor face-offs between minor gods and goddesses. Many of these begin without the higher beings orders; those are to defend honor, often more of the fighters than their masters, but that is beside the point.

Nyx and Aurora have always opposed each other, one being the Mistress of the Night and Dusk, the other of Dawn and Day. But now that the two brothers have separated even more, over a minor spat turned major argument, the opposing sides have been building even more tension between themselves, which results in once stalemates and disgruntled, shaky peace-treaties being torn apart and discarded. This gives way to much desired fights between life-long enemies whose hate originates back centuries and even millennia.

Ira, the personification of anger, has been working overtime to keep all of this in order. If the hate and the anger than originates from such feelings are left unchecked, the gods and goddesses that feel them—no matter how minor, they are (after all) still deities—get violent and lash out, which can only result in mayhem and chaos. Although that makes the gods like Ares (God of War) and Discordia (Goddess of Strife and Discord) quite happy, it is bad for humans and gods alike, so it must be prevented. Ira—and anger's many variations and separate selves—must keep all of that in check, monitoring battles, assigning times and places, just to keep chaos from reigning supreme. It's a tough job, with all of that renewed hate bubbling up, but it's necessary, and that is what Anger (Ira is Latin for anger) was made for—to channel it properly.

Nyx and Aurora (also called Nox and Eos) had been assigned a special section of spirit realm to fight it out. Since they are of opposing elements—as most who fight are—being in the element of either one would be an unfair advantage, making the battle unjust, which undermines the whole thing. So, in order to avoid such issues, whole new sections are created, especially made to be neutral, just to avoid such an occurrence. Since the Spirit Realm is so vast—infinite, in fact—new parts could be made every day, for the rest of forever, and you'd never run out of space. There are many left, most lost in memory—even to those who made them (only great Gods and Goddesses and the rare non-deity can create such a thing, on any sort of scale).

In this one, which was created by Zeus and Hades themselves, there is light, but it is a gray light, neither white nor black. It is neither day nor night, only the gray inbetween, giving no energy—or an equal amount of energy to each, which cancels out the effects in the end. The ground is perfectly even and flat, brown and dusty. They wore identical outfits—gray shirts and pants, brown boots, and their hair up in a ponytail, tied with a gray hair-tie.

Nyx and Aurora are so similar, yet so different. The only way to be complete opposites (in most and many cases) it for you to really be the same, only reversed; backwards. They are both very pretty; almost identical (they both deny the truth in that). Their hair is of equal length, their eyes are both gray (although Aurora's are lighter) and the quality of their very selves is equivalent. Aurora's skin is darker, tanned, her hair white; Nyx's skin is lighter, untouched by the sun, her hair black.

Each goddess was armed with nothing but her natural powers, which were formidable, even without the sources of their powers overhead. In preparation for this battle the two of them soaked in their natural source's energies—at permanent midday and midnight, when the strength is the greatest—blazing sun and full moon.

Nyx has already materialized a weapon out of the very air, using her back-up of night energy. She now held a pure-black dagger in one hand, light and ready to strike at a moments notice. Aurora had decided to wait and refrain from using any power until she must—that way she does not tire herself before the battle had even truly begun.

Nyx lunged, heading for a weak spot in Aurora's armor, dagger held out first—she was trying to end it quickly and easily. The fool. Upon striking in such a way, she put all attention and power in her strike, leaving the rest of her vulnerable to attack. Aurora was ready, seeing as how she had purposefully left an opening for Nyx to notice and attempt to take advantage of. The Goddess of Night had always been cocky, overly-confident, foolishly sure of herself and her superiority towards all others.

Aurora easily ducked the attack, and Nyx swore, finally seeing the ploy. Too late. Aurora struck, slamming her energy coated fist into Nyx's side. There was a sickening crunch and Nyx winced. She curled up upon completing her arc in an attempt to defend herself against future attack. Aurora reeled back and Nyx landed on all fours.

She clutched her side, her face fixed into a grimace of pain. Aurora backed up, ready to attack and defend again, waiting for Nyx to rise. She slowly stood up, Aurora standing back a safe distance away. She clutched her side and felt that a few ribs were broken—nothing major. But still. It hurt. That should teach her to be more careful.

This time, when she turned to face Aurora, she was not so cocky, only grim and determined to win, no matter what the cost.

"Rib hurting?"

"Shut up."

"Poor little idiot…"

"I said shut up!"

"…Can't stand the pain, can't win the game."

Nyx over-boiled with rage and lost her cool, her temper and her self-control—bad idea, in a battle where keeping your head decides if you win or lose. That much was obvious from the start, to the both of them, but Nyx never learns. Being the goddess of the night—which, in turn, symbolizes darkness and (on some levels) evil—Nyx is not one of the type of people that can stand insults from those she hates with grace. She has never learned to ignore her opponents and keep a cool head, to insure success and triumph in battle. Aurora knows this, and uses such knowledge to her full advantage. (in other words, she is one of pride, no matter if the pride is intelligent or idiotic). Most non-practical—that's pride for ya.

"I said shut up!" Nyx roared, and charged, bent over a bit from pain. Her face was screwed up and twisted out of order, for the agony of her ribs and of her opponent's words. Aurora was almost blown over, Nyx's move being so surprising, but somehow she avoided getting steamrolled. Instead, she leapt aside in the nick of time, and Nyx stumbled and fell. Aurora has the advantage.

She hit the dirt and got a mouthful of dirt. Oh, the shame! But Aurora is merciful; she'll end this quick. She trod carefully over to her fallen opponent, who wasn't moving. She knelt beside the unmoving goddess, wary and worried. She didn't move, not even when Aurora shook her slightly, or spoke into her ear. "Nyx? Nyx! You okay? Wake up, Nyx! Wake up!"

Nyx didn't move.

Beginning to panic, Aurora rolled Nyx over; only to be greeted by a pair of rage-filled and bloodshot eyes, leaking with indignity and disgrace. She clutched her dagger, ready to strike. Aurora gasped and fell backward, her eyes full of fear for her life. She let out a small cry and began to pray for her own self…

…Which proved to be unnecessary. Nyx wasn't aiming for her analog—she was aiming for herself. And she's a good aim. She knew right where to hit with that blade; right in the center of her breast, ever so slightly to the, as it were, right into her heart…

"No!" Aurora screamed in agony, catching Nyx as she fell. She tumbled right into Aurora's arms, going limp even know. Her bloodied blade fell from her grass and hit the dirt. It lay forgotten as Nyx's attention faltered and Aurora tried to shake her out of it. She wept, sobbed, screamed, prayed and begged—but none of it worked. Nyx had lost too much blood. It was all over her hands, her clothes and it continued to pump out onto the ground, staining everything all around it.

Nyx's eyes finally closed and she went completely limp, gone from this world forever.

Aurora could do nothing but weep, her other half in her arms, the tears mixing with the blood until you couldn't tell one from the other.