Wait a minute please.

I sort of have a problem.

I think I fell in love.

I can't believe I've fallen.

Slow a little down.

Don't go so fast you're blurry.

I know you have to go.

But why in such a hurry?

Stop a second please.

You're making me so crazy.

My karma's everywhere.

My eyes are getting hazy.

Turn a bit around.

Please let me say my good-byes.

Just kiss me one more time.

I know I'll see you soon.

I can last until July.

Wait a minute Man.

Why did you make this happen.

It was you who kissed me.

It' your arms I was wrapped in.

You called me nine times.

Between eight and eleven.

Whoever would have thought.

An end was a beginning.

Wait a minute please.

Just let me say my good-byes.

I might have fell in love.

But I promise not to cry.