Um, I have to thank the reviewers who reviewed my previous poem. Myuu, I can't seem to get proper breaks in between the stanzas. How do you guys do it? Anyways, I'm here to deliver another poem.

From within the prison of will.

Trapped to live, not to die,

My mind and senses to unseal,

Beckoned by your heartrending cry.

Sad is the heart that is not whole,

Or the snow with its black red stain,

But not so that it shreds the soul,

Like that of you in pain.

Let me wrap my wings around you,

Cloaked in the feathers of midnight,

Shedding black tears for you,

May these pearls bring you light.

The time is coming very soon,

For me to say good bye,

As long as I could heal your wound,

I would give anything a try.

Even if the cold consumes me,

Even if you will forget me…


It ended up like some sort of sonnet (though it's not…) Please review. Arigatou gozaimasu.