I take a walk to catch my breath

A brilliant august moon

I walk along beside myself

And see a shadow loom

A burning rip across my back

A violent menace stare

He looks at me with raging eyes

Saying "Scream only if you dare."

My shirt is ripped my skirt hauled up

He cannot control himself

A knife is drawn close to my neck

Is this a dream or something else?

I feel a pain between my thighs

It hurts like nothing else

It was not supposed to be like this

It should be love not hell.

"Stop!" I scream, or thought I did

But he didn't hear a word

The emptiness, the horror there

It must be another world.

His eyes light up I feel it too

It's so deep inside of me

My tears flow I try to scream

And he will not let me leave.

It burned so deep inside my heart

The searing metal wound

His knife had finally met my chest

The night held impending doom

I watched my body thrown around

Chopped up and put in bags

An elbow here a kneecap there

From a tree my hair did hang.

I seeped out in bits in little time

My killer saw me there

So he thought of something else to do

He'd burry me somewhere

A place where one would never look

A place one cannot reside

Somewhere below his deepest sins

Between the current and the tide.

I took a walk to catch my breath

I lost my life instead

Before life I lost virginity

And now like me my story's dead.