For a moment the pair simply stood there, looking dumfounded at each other. Everything around her seemed to simply disappear, and Lynna could barely feel the tears pooling in her eyes. Keb, apparently, did, and he laid a comforting hand on her shoulder, offering a squeeze for support.

"I'm sure they didn't take her," he began, and Lynna was ripped from her grief-induced reverie.

"Hally…" she whimpered, but Keb dragged her round the side of the stall, shooting Juall a stern frown as the pair departed. Juall opened his mouth to protest, but the short woman was yelling once more, and his attention turned reluctantly back to her.

Lynna continued her blubbering throughout the entire journey back to the beach, and even as Keb sat her down on the sand.

"Lyn…" he said, eyeing her apprehensively.

"She…" Lynna coughed, tears now streaming freely down her cheeks. "Hally. That's what they're all so quiet about, Keb…that's what they're not telling me." She finished, somewhat lamely, hands buried deep within the sand.

Keb didn't know what to say to that, so simply slung his arm over her shoulder and looked over the sea, squinting as the reflection of the noonday sun met his eyes.

The pair sat there silently for what must have been an hour, the only interruptions being Lynna's quiet, sorrow-ridden sobs. After a while, Keb's arm moved and he sent Lynna an apologetic smile.

"Arm's dead," he said, getting to his feet.

"Sorry," came Lynna's reply, as she, too, stood up. "Keb, I need to go home; I need to talk to mother and father about this…" she finished.

"Of course," he nodded, turning on his heel. "You know where I am if you want me, Lyn," he shot over his shoulder, a curious look glinting in his eyes. It was strange, really, Lynna didn't recognize it, and she and Keb knew everything about each other, usually even to the extent that they could predict what the other was going to say. Yet this look was unfamiliar, and it scared her. However, she could not dwell on it for too long; she needed to get home.

Upon reaching her front door, Lynna stopped. She simply stood there, contemplating. She would march in there and demand answers off her parents, and they would be forced to tell her, but did she really want that? They had obviously known how much the news would hurt her, and she didn't want to hurt them. Perhaps she would ask Kayle…on second thoughts, his response to her this morning had given her reason to want to stay clear of his path, at least for the next few days. In her mind, there was only one thing to do: she would make a visit to the palace and find out from one of the guards what had happened. Give them reason enough, and they would disclose any information…no matter how private.

Lynna dug around in her pockets, but she found nothing. Heaving a sigh, she rapped on the door a few times and stepped back, waiting for it to be answered. When, finally, someone appeared on the other side of the door, the girl was surprised to see Keb's older brother, Havaan, behind it.

"Lynna…" he said, voice trailing off.

The girl's heart skipped a beat. Havaan was not unlike Keb in appearance, save for his hair was a deep chestnut brown, rather than the black of Keb's. His build, too, was different, for he had the frame of a soldier.

Lynna stood there for a few moments, jaw dropped slightly. His bright emerald gaze meeting hers.

"Lyn?" he asked, opening the door wider.

"Havaan," she breathed, remaining virtually motionless.

"Err…you gonna come in, kiddo?"

"What? Oh, right…come in…yes…home…where I live…" she shut her mouth; she was blabbering. Lynna always got tongue-tied around Havaan, and she hated herself for it.

Havaan shot her a knowing smirk and pulled her inside. "Where've you been?"

She lofted a brow, though she didn't move away from him. "Around. Why? Also, why're you here?"

"I came to see your mother, actually, to give her…" he trailed off; Lynna knew he had said too much.

"Give her what?" she urged, staring at him now.

"Nothing." He said, finally. Something about the tone of his voice told Lynna the conversation was over, and she strode into the kitchen, Havaan following closely behind her.

The pair sat at Lynna's kitchen table for a while, talking about some senseless rubbish or other until the sun was casting an eerie crimson backdrop to the scene. Stretching, Havaan got to his feet and made his way to the door, resting his hand on the handle.

"See y'around." He said, winking.


And, without further hesitation, he left, leaving Lynna alone. She could hear her mother wandering about upstairs as she cast a backwards glance out the window. The sun was setting, it must be late. Events of the day weighing heavily on her mind, Lynna trudged up the stairs, shouted a goodnight, and plopped down on her bed.

Across from her bed she spied her Chapassal; a musical instrument. The Chapassal ran off water, and was named after its inventor: Jaydn Chapassal.

Lynna's fingers dipped into the water, and she began plucking the strings. The melody was a low, almost eerie tune caused by the vibrations of the strings against the water. Lynna had a natural flare for it, according to Keb, and she had managed to play solo in the annual summer solstice celebrations for the last few years.

She simply sat there, plucking idly at the Chapassal for what must have been hours, mind wandering over the happenings of the day, and what she could, and would, do about it. After mulling it over, she could only draw one conclusion: She, herself, had to go to the palace and find out what happened. Of course, this was far easier said than done, as one didn't simply waltz in, it was somewhat of an invitations only option and, as of yet, Lynna had not been invited. Kayle or Havaan were her best bet, really, as both were held in high regard at the palace. Unfortunately, for Lynna at least, family ties with important people did not grant her access to the palace, no matter how much she pleaded with the doormen.

Kayle, probably, would brush her off and she has resolved to stay clear of him for a few days, lest she have her head bitten off once more. Havaan was likely the path she would take, as, despite knowing full well how much she liked him, he always seemed to comply to her requests without so much as a hesitation.

The only problem that presented itself was getting to him without crossing paths with Keb, as he would be inclined to ask all sorts of questions. Eventually, Lynna resolved to cross that bridge when she came to it and she set the Chapassal down on the table next to her bed, changed, and sunk beneath the covers.