Come Away With Me

Look at it all,

The stars in the sky,

The words written on my arm,

Can you see it all?

Take it all in?

This is life,

This is reality,

So wont you please,

Come with me,

To a place so far away,

Somewhere so unlike here,

A world of our own,

A simple truth,

Come with me,

We can live together,

In a new place,

Somewhere far away,

Come away with me,

Happily ever after can happen,

Just you watch,

Trust me,

We can make it last forever,

In a new reality,

A place all our own,

Come with me,

And I can show you it all

Come with me,

If you love me,

I'll show you somewhere new,

Somewhere so unlike here,

A place where only we exist,

A place where we can live,

Make love all day,

Come with me,

Our love will blossom,

In a world of our own