Today is a new day,

Yesterday is gone forever.

I will cry for yesterday,

For tomorrow is an unknown day.

I must get off the road I have traveled, since I was child,

And now I must take freeway to a whole new road.

Were I am no longer the big fish in the little pond,

But rather I will be the tiny plankton in a sea of razor-sharp sharks.

Life is constant journey,

To stop the journey, one must end life.

So while I will no longer be the big fish I must go forward,

For one can never stop their journey, we must all walk the new path.

I may look back,

But I promise to never back.

I will cry for yesterday,

But I will not grieve for yesterday.

Today is a new day,

And while the new journey scares me, I know I must move on,

For there is nothing here for me anymore, but yesterday.

So come June 15th,

I will be ready to leave the old and to the new.

Maybe the new will be terrorizing to me,

Or it could be the path I will most enjoy,

Whatever the outcome may be I must take heart that I can do it.

I may look back over my shoulder,

But I will never step back.

So come June 15th,

I am ready for you; I will take whatever you throw at me.

Today I promise to the future,

I will not fail you.


-I will be graduation high school, on Wednesday June 15, 2005, I am kind of nervous about that.