How could I have been so stupid? No man with good intentions goes looking for girls online, so why did I agree to meet him? No matter, I've got to get away!

In a run down part of city, a place where no one ventures alone after dark, a girl struggles to continue running. What began as a simple misunderstanding between two people in an online chat room was now rearing its head as a horrible nightmare after what seemed like such a typical date. She continued to flee, looking back quite often to check on the whereabouts of her pursuer. He remained close even while walking calmly after her, bringing the young woman's terror to new heights. There was no outrunning this man, and she was slowly catching on to this thought.

NekoQueenAkinami: Is this the first impressions chat room?

HellspawnHighschooler: I think u're in the wrong chat room, I'm waiting for a close friend of mine, but I'd be more then happy to chat with u if u'd like to stay. :)

NekoQueenAkinami: Sure, so I've got to ask, what's with the bizarre name? It certainly doesn't seem like something to attract the girls with, being you're on a dating chatline.

HellspawnHighschooler: LoL, I suppose u're right. It's a nickname of sorts, and it's stuck ever since I began junior year at Saramatsu High.

NekoQueenAkinami: Wait, you got to Saramatsu H. too? What's your name, I might have seen you around before …

HellspawnHighschooler: Shikijima Narawasu, and U R?

NekoQueenAkinami: No way! Shikijima Narawasu? CAPTAIN OF OUR NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED SOCCER TEAM?! How in the world do YOU have trouble meeting girls?!

HellspawnHighschooler: What can I say; it's a god given talent, rotfl.

HellspawnHighschooler: Even u can probably imagine that the girls the follow the team around only want us cause we're practically famous. I'd much rather be with someone who likes me for…me, ya know? :/

NekoQueenAkinami: Lol, I could believe it. It's kind of sad when you think about it.

NekoQueenAkinami: Oh, I almost forgot, I'm Kiri Akinami, first year student at Saramatsu. You probably wouldn't know me though; I don't stand out too much…

HellspawnHighschooler: lemme think…Akinami…Akinami…wait…u wouldn't happen to be the up and coming new violinist every1's talking about, would u?

NekoQueenAkinami: blush wow… so you've actually heard of me?

HellspawnHighschooler: Of course I have! I've been to all of your performances, and I'm a big fan. It takes a lot of talent to write & play great music. How can you say that you don't stand out though, you're gorgeous.

NekoQueenAkinami: O . O heavily blushing

HellspawnHighschooler: Say, Kiri…are you free tomorrow night?

HellspawnHighschooler: …I know it's sudden, but I'd really like to get to know you better.

HellspawnHighschooler: u know, it's completely fine if you want to say no, I can understand why u might be hesitant.

NekoQueenAkinami: No, no! I would love to, I was just in shock for a bit after that.

HellspawnHighschooler: So, how about tomorrow around 5-ish, at the memorial statue in front of the park? We could catch a movie and some dinner, and then just walk around for a bit?

NekoQueenAkinami: Of course! I can't wait. See you then, Shikijima!

NekoQueenAkinami has left the chatroom at 11:42:27 PM.

What am I going to do? He's too fast, so I've got to hide, but where?

As the girl's thoughts were drowned out with overwhelming fear, she cut a corner and continued down the murky alleyway. The darkness swam over her figure, engulfing her in stagnant air and the pungent smell of decay. Turning back to check her followers location, the schoolgirl found only the comfort of a brick wall as reward for her lack of attention. The young girl staggered to her feet, catching eye of her date's shadow growing on the sidewalk behind.

Have to hide! Have to hide! How did I get myself into this? You're such an idiot, Kiri! Even if I do get away, he knows where I go to school, he goes to school with me, and I see him daily in the halls!

Kiri's last-ditch effort was to hide away under a large pile of mildewed cardboard boxes. As she inched her way into what looked and smelled like a former hobo home, Kiri only hoped that her pursuer was too ignorant to seek her out in the cardboard haven. She huddled herself in a corner of the space shivering with fear, listening hard for his footsteps. Unannounced to her, the slender male figure already knew where she was, and was thoroughly enjoying himself. He took it upon his experience with humans to obliterate her hopes of escape. Both slowly and effortlessly he waltzed down the alleyway of stenches, ignoring all but hers. His heart raced as he took in the delectable sent of sweat and fear.

"You know, Kiri Akinami, you really are a wonderful girl. You're in the prime of your youth, and far more gorgeous than what most men could ever dream of having. There is; however, a problem. No man will ever have you, since your all mine tonight. I'm going to see to it that no man ever gets to know your touch."

The natural instinct within him was free to reign tonight. He had done the impossible, and would now be allowed to commit an act forbidden by protectors of the city. Natural light was unheard of in the shadows of the old city, something that he would make great use of as he began to chant in a foreign tongue unknown by the average man.

Stay calm; it's going to be ok. He wants my body and nothing more . . .I hope! What if he really does want something other than that? I'm not ready to die! What . . .what is this? This can't actually be happening! What the hell is going on?

Kiri's eyes widened with terror as the very boxes she hid behind began to wriggle against her back. She extended a timid hand to one of the outer support walls of her shelter, jolting it back quickly before her fear finally took over. She shrieked in terror as the very cardboard itself moved under her fingers. Kiri knew this feeling; it resembled millions of tiny insects scurrying and scuttling across her hand. She cringed at the thought of all those sets of hairy, talon wielding legs crossing over her flesh. When she couldn't stand it anymore, Kiri let out another earsplitting scream of disgust. Kiri's assailant finished his chanting just in time to watch the cardboards transformation complete itself. The entire structure decomposed into a vast number of bugs somewhere in the realm of billions. Somewhere beneath the moving pile was Kiri. By this point, her spirit was undoubtedly broken, and her hopes of escape shattered.

Kiri thrust a hand out of the chittering pile of shifting bugs in the hopes of finding a support the pull herself free of the crawling prison. The hand she found was not the one she had intended. It was her attackers hand, or more accurately, the flesh from his elbow down. Erupting from the smothering blanket of various insects, she tossed the unwanted remains of the man's arm to the ground and began to cower at what she was staring up at. The titanic creature that towered before her was not man, and certainly not of this world.

Oh my god! What the hell is he? Somebody please help me. Save me from this . . .this thing!

"My dearest Kiri, Do you know how long it's been since I was allowed to taste the flesh of a living mortal? Do you know just how badly I've waited for this particular moment? Of course you don't, who am I kidding? I'm going to enjoy every bit of your flesh. I may just have to save some of it for later, so I might have a snack if I find myself thirsting for more. I swear you humans are pitiful. Your body has no armor, everywhere is a weak point, you cower helplessly at the first sign of danger, and you let those nasty emotions rule your lives. Well, you need not worry miss. I'll see to it that you don't have anything to worry about ever again. In case you're wondering, Toji put up a very good fight when I told him my plan to use his skin just to get to you. I think the poor guy really did have feelings for you."

Leaning down to greet her face to face, the beast gave Kiri a toothy grin full of pure pleasure and lust. The first thing Kiri noticed was the smell of copper coming from the beasts breathe and body. He was still dripping rather profusely with what she could only hope was something other then blood. Just as Kiri's call for help reached her lips, the titanic brute took a knee to her stomach and silenced her. The Brute shook off the remains of Toji's flesh much as a dog shakes water from its fur. He then proceeded to peel each and every piece he found from the wall or ground where it might lay and hungrily devour it. His long tongue made quick work of the fluids that veiled his body in a deep red tone.

Slowly but steadily, he consumed each and every piece of his human form. Gnashing, chopping, slurping, and ripping, he was bent on destroying any evidence that could lead them to know who committed this act. Kneeling down and rolling her exhausted body over, the fiend began to under the buttons on her jacket. Kiri took in a sharp gasp, though most of it still didn't reach its destination. Doing all that she could do under the circumstances, Kiri began to grip the beast's immense arm; only to have them slip amidst the remains the blood on the figures titanic arms.

"My dear Kiri, you have no idea just how much joy you give me by struggling. What fun would I have to devour an unwavering opponent? Month after month of dining on corpses at the morgue has left my palette rather lacking. I must say though, I simply haven't developed a taste for clothing, so we'll need to be ridding you of that. If you're worries are directed to the pain, then you're in luck. If you ask me nicely, I'll simply shatter that frail neck of yours, and then you won't have to worry until I'm ready to ingest your soul. That will be the single most horrid pain you'll ever feel for all eternity, or so I'm told anyway."

The predator moved in slowly for the kill. Enjoying the look of helplessness in her eyes, the growing smell of her body's fear, it all made this meal that much more delectable. Kiri lay beneath him in a heap. She could barely breathe; much less make any sort of attempts of escape.

Someone, anyone, please help! Not like this, I can't die like this!

As Kiri looked up to the fate that awaited her, all she could do was cry. The stink of copper and rotting flesh intoxicated her every breath. So thick was this toxic fume that Kiri slowly began to sink into unconsciousness. Pungent mucus fell from between his teeth, blackened flesh hung loose from his gums. The last thing she could see before everything faded too thoroughly was that sadistic toothy grin and several eyes peering over the beasts shoulder from the rooftop.