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Ah, now that I'm back, I'm uploading my diary entries. Rebecca was good enough to bring home my laptop from work where I'd left it. (You never know who might break in and take it in my neighborhood – former neighborhood! Gah! I'm so excited to be going to live with Kurt!) How did you like the entries, anyway? Yes, cousins, I mean you. You're the only ones who bother to read my journal anyway. I would call you, but I'm busy showing Kurt, a/k/a the love of my life, thank you very much, around New York. I'll try before I leave again.

Poor Kurt. Rebecca's staff makes him uncomfortable. And I can totally relate. I hate being waited on hand and foot. And it looks like they raided our bags before putting our clothes away. Like we need laundry service! We can do our own clothes! I love Rebecca to death, but this kind life only makes me ill. You guys know I had to put up with it when I lived with "he who no longer deserves to be named" and his staff. God, the annoyance! At least I'm free to come and go as I please here – no chauffeur to keep an eye on me on rare trips out. No doorman to inform on my comings and goings.

Anyway, enough of this. Kurt's out of the shower and I'm taking him out! I think today we'll keep it simple and just do midtown. I think he'd like to see the view from the Empire State Building, and then I'm taking him to my studio apartment so he can see my little hovel, and finally believe I'm not as cosmopolitan as he first suspected. (And I can check my mail and take some more things with me. Though Rebecca insists on having someone pack its entire contents off to Australia for me. That woman is my mother now. I've decided it. I won't tell her yet, though.)

Anyway, I'll talk to you people later. Oh, and Jeremy … you still can't have my iPod! LOL!


After Kurt thoroughly examines my painting again, and even clicks a snapshot of it on his cell phone, we're off! Well, we have no choice but to accept a ride from Rebecca's chauffeur to the LIRR (Long Island Railroad, if you're wondering) station. But after that, we're home free for the day! When we buy our train tickets, I make sure we each get a one-week unlimited-ride Metrocard. Though we'll probably be here for three weeks at least, I figure we'd start out with the one-week for now. Who knows how much sightseeing we'll be able to do next week? I see on her calendar that Rebecca has a show scheduled for a week from Friday. She'll need my help coordinating and I'll need Kurt's help framing.

We have to transfer trains in Queens, which makes the trip longer, but Kurt and I get to plan our day on the way in. I decide we should visit my apartment later on as we would be carrying things with us at that point. We go directly to the Empire State Building and buy our tickets to the observatory. The view is beautiful, even if it's a bit windy and we're a little cold.

"You can see damn near everything from up here!" Kurt said as he peers around the New York City skyline.

I walk closer to him and huddle into his side, seeking the warmth I know I'll find there. His arms clasp around me automatically and he kisses my temple. A couple walking by smile at us and step around so that we don't have to move.

"Hmph," Kurt murmurs.


"They didn't say anything about us," he replies. "I'm just confused, is all."

I look up at him and smile. "There are homophobes here, too, but most people are pretty accepting in public."

"Not like back home."

I smile again and he looks at me curiously.


"You said home," I shrug. "I can't wait to get back there."

"And I can't wait to take you back there," he grins before he kisses me on the lips.

We spend another half hour up there while I point out some of New York's recognizable landmarks. I find it strange that I've lived here my whole life and yet I've never been to the top of the Empire State Building before. I haven't been to the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island either. In fact, I've never been to many of New York's most famous places, and so I'm seeing my own city for the first time in some respects. Makes me feel as much a tourist as Kurt, which I find I like. It's cool to share the experience with someone you love.

After we leave the observatory, Kurt insists he wants to see Central Park. I ask if he wants to see any part in particular. Central Park is huge and there are many areas in it, such as the Shakespeare Garden, Summit Rock or Strawberry Fields. Kurt says we could go anywhere in the park we want … after I show him where I lived when I was there. Honestly, it makes me nervous to take him there. I don't want him to think of that part of my life. I don't like to think of it myself. Well, I do sometimes. I really miss some of the people that took care of me when I lived there.

Most of them were gone by the time I'd left Max. Only Mick, the old man, remained. He'd become forgetful, though and I worried he wouldn't survive the next winter there. So Reginald helped me find a good nursing home for him. At first, Mick was angry I'd suggest such a thing. But after a few discussions about it where I explained to him that I wanted to repay him for watching out for me, he allowed the move. I told him the facility was free for the homeless, and I hated having to lie to him. But he'd never have accepted my money. I remember painting quite a few works for Reginald in return for the payment into the home. Not that Reginald demanded them, but my pride wouldn't allow me to accept his charity either. I guess Mick and I had a lot in common. Sadly, Mick died of cancer six months after settling in. But at least he spent his last six months in the comfort of a bed with food and warmth around him. I tried to cling to those facts when I thought of him.

I think of him now though, as I look over the area by Cherry Hill, where we used to sleep. I'd met Max on the other side of the park, by the Obelisk, not far from the Metropolitan Museum. That's where the people with money used to walk. It's also where I drew portraits. Well, it was easier to find the tourists willing to pay for it there, anyway.

"What are you thinking about?" Kurt asks softly as I wipe a tear away.

"Mick and I used to sleep around here," I reply absently gesturing to the bushes.

"Mick?" Kurt tenses slightly and I give him a small smile.

"Mick was this nice old man who watched out for me mostly. There were others, but I spent most of my time with him." I go on to explain what had ultimately happened to him. Kurt nods sadly and hugs me as I cry some more.

"You're a good guy, Trav," he whispers.

I shrug and sniffle then blow my nose. "Want to see where I used to draw?"

He nods again and follows me over to the entrance that leads to the museum. There are loads of people walking about but we're easily able to pick apart the tourists from the native population. I chuckle as I observe a few budding young artists drawing portraits for people passing by. They look too well kempt to be residents of the park though, thankfully.

"Did you want to go to the museum?" I ask him.

"Em, not really. Do you?"

"No," I grin. "I work in a gallery and I consider this my vacation. I could do without seeing it for one week."

"One week?"

"Yeah. It looks like Rebecca's got a show planned for next Friday," I look at him wryly. "How do you feel about a working vacation?"

"She's giving us the chance to work together as well as live together, Trav," he laughs. "I'd say she deserves our full cooperation."

"I'm glad you feel that way, because I think you'll be framing for most of next week."

He shrugs and we walk back to the subway.

"Where would you like to have lunch?" I ask.


I nod.

"Can we just get something and bring it back to your flat? I'd really like to spend some alone time with you without the threat of servant attacks. Then you can take me to the hardware store."

I laugh as I lead the way to the right train. We get a couple of sandwiches from the deli down the block and walk to my building. I'm a little embarrassed as I let us into my place, knowing it's a hell of a lot smaller than where we live in Brisbane. But Kurt sighs in relaxation as I close the door behind us. I look around to be sure there's nothing horrifying in sight. When last I'd been here, I'd had to call in an exterminator as the filthy couple that lived upstairs had attracted roaches with their garbage. While I was happy living in the apartment when I was single, I'll be more than thrilled to leave it, and its new inhabitants, behind. Thankfully there wasn't a roach in sight. Since I'd been careful not to leave anything out and had emptied the refrigerator of perishables before I left, I was reasonably sure we wouldn't see them today.

"This is a nice place," Kurt says diplomatically as he sits at the table in the kitchenette, unwraps his Italian combo sandwich and pops the tab on his cola can.

"Do you want a plate?" I ask as I walk over to the cabinets.

"Not unless you want me to use one."

"No, it's fine." I unwrap my own turkey and cheese sandwich and pop open my diet soda can.

We eat in relative silence but as soon as we're done I know exactly what Kurt wants to do. I grin as he leads me over to my bed after I've carefully disposed of our garbage in a knotted plastic bag. Roaches are notoriously sneaky bastards, you know. Once he has me prone beneath him, my boyfriend eagerly divests me and himself of our entire outfits in under two minutes. You'd think we hadn't had sex in months! Not that I'm complaining. I love it when he wants me so much. He spends so long on the foreplay, though, that I wonder how long he'll tease me. Finally, he reaches down to his jacket, which he'd tossed near the bed earlier … and now I know why … to pull out a tiny bottle lube.

"You come prepared."

"I'm prepared to make you cum," he grins.

He prepares me cautiously, as he always does, taking care to read my facial expressions for any sign of discomfort. I plead with him to take me and finally he listens, lining himself up and slowly pushing inside. Ever since that time we'd done it without the condom in the Hilton, we'd forgone it since. He's clean. He knows I'm clean. Neither of us can even look at anyone else anyway. It just feels right with Kurt. When he's inside me, I feel – whole, complete … his. Not in a bad way, either. He doesn't own me. He owns my heart. That's the only part of me I'd never given anyone yet. But Kurt has it now. And I know he appreciates the enormity of it.

"Oh, God! You feel so … good!" His eyes are closed as he whispers to me.

"I love you," I whisper back. "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you …"

And after that I'm lost to the sensations and the rhythm he's setting. Kurt takes me to a level I'd never known before, and I know I can't reach it without him. Before I realize what's happening, his hand is wrapped around my cock and I'm screaming his name for all I'm worth. Good thing it's during working hours and most of my neighbors aren't home. I don't have time to finish that thought as he picks up speed and growls my own name just before he explodes inside of me. Then I'm dimly aware of the mess on our chests and reach over for my sweatshirt to clean us off, Kurt still ensconced firmly inside of me.

"That's gross," he wrinkles his nose.

"Yeah, well. I can change into something else while I'm here." I wipe our chests first then slowly push him off me to clean his cock then my ass.

"Are you taking that back with us though?"

"I guess I should or it'll get crusty."

He starts to laugh uncontrollably and holds his side.

"What?" I ask.

"I'm just picturing Juanita's face when she next collects our clothes."

Oh shit!