"Shoot." Ellie tried once again. No luck. That car was dead.

She hopped out and walked over to a man just getting out of his car.

"Excuse me, sir. My car battery is dead. Could you please hotshot it? Thank you so much."

"Ellie… we were expecting you," the man said, looking up. He was a young man, mid-twenties, blue eyes, black, curly hair. Strangely enough, he was wearing a trench coat in mid-June.

"Wh-what? Who the heck are you?!"

The man swiftly grabbed Ellie's arm and pushed her into the backseat. Oh, my God. Stalker? Killer? Dear God, please save me. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Horrible thought flew threw Ellie's head.

Then she realized the man no longer had her by the arm. She up and opened her eyes.

"I had you for a moment, there didn't I?" The man asked, grinning slightly.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Ellie reached for the doorknob—then realized there was none. Frantic, she began pounding on the windows. "Let me out!" she screamed.

"They can't hear you, Ellie." She didn't listen.

"Help me! Let me out! Help!" Tears streamed down her face, her hands hurt from pounding.

"Ellie! They can't hear you!"

She turned around and stared. "What?"

"They can't hear you. This car is, well, it hasn't be invented yet. It's nonexistent to … people of your time."

That scared Ellie even more. "Dear Lord! Who the..." She didn't finish. She threw herself at the window, scrambling around, looking for whatever replaced the doorknob.

"It's useless, Ellie. Listen to me. We're not going to hurt you. Forget about opening the door. You won't be able to. And you can stop pounding. They can't hear or see you."

"You're crazy! Who are you? What do you want with me?"

"Gregory Antia, agent for PPRM. That stands for People for the Preservation of the Mortal Race. We need you to come to what will be the future to you."

Ellie sat and stared.

"Look. I know it all sounds crazy, but you and a few others will be able to save the mortal beings."

"Mortal beings? You mean there are immortal beings?"

"Yes. And one of them is your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson. He was one of the scientists who invented it."

"What?! Am I supposed to believe you?"

"I was hoping you would, but, seeing as you don't, we'll have to skip the intro and head straight for the future. Would you care to ride shotgun?"

Stunned, Ellie didn't move. Gregory shrugged, then got out and sat down behind the wheel.

"Buckle up," heshouted back to her. The engine was raring like nothing Ellie had ever heard. Fumbling for the seatbelt, Ellie (still in shock) did as she was told. What am I doing?

The car lurched into motion. Ellie saw sky rushing at them, then darkness andlight, all swirled together.

She was headed for the future.