A/N: this was an assignment from a year ago. It was to right a poem that went to the same rhythm of the Paul Revere poem, but only the first three stanzas. Well, I hope you enjoy!

Morning of None

Listen my children, and you shall hear

A story that is not really pleasant to the ear

May you laugh, may you cry,

To my story, told by I.

A story about a girl who lives in fear.

Poor little girl, asleep with her teddy bear

In her bed, cozy, nice, and peaceful.

She will wake up soon and walk down the squeaky stairs

And lay her eyes upon a sight so sorrowful.

On the floor are three limp bodies

Of her sister, mom and daddy.

Poor little girl, she becomes confused

She stares at them, not knowing what to do.

Why are they sleeping on the floor, she wish she knew.

Now someone was knocking on the door.

Little girl is shock, have they come back for more?

"Hello!" the person called, "what is going on there?"

The girl stared at her mommy and replied, "no, no one is here."

But it wasn't heard, but listen closely to the sound,

Of the dead's muffled footsteps on the ground.