The Dragon Prince

Long, long ago in a magical land, there was a magnificent kingdom. The people who lived there were always content since the royal family were very nice people. Next door to that kingdom there was a forest. And in that forest lived an evil, powerful, witch. She was jealous of the kingdom since she lived in a small cave. Alone. Nobody ever came to visit her.

One day the king and Queen decided that it was time for their son to wed. So they invited all of the princesses from all the neighboring kingdoms to a banquet so that the prince could meet and choose a princess to marry so they could become the future King and Queen of the kingdom.

When the witch heard about this ball, she decided that maybe she should go too. She thought it would be best to go in disguise as a beautiful princess, and maybe cast a little spell or two.

The big day of the ball finally arrived. The Kingdom looked exquisite. The city was very festive. The castle was as beautiful as ever. Everyone was hustling and bustling about.

When nighttime covered the land with its dark blanket, everything was brightly lit up. It was as though the lights were competing with the stars for brightness.

It was finally time for the grand ball to start. Princesses came from miles around to attend. They did not want to miss an opportunity to meet the very good looking, smart, gentle, strong, and of course charming prince. Everybody was strolling into the castle. The prince was looking as handsome as ever. With his sparkling blue eyes, and golden blonde hair that sometimes fell into his beautiful face. He looked around at all of the princesses. But not one of them really caught his eye.

In her forlorn cavern, the witch was still getting ready to go to the ball. Casting a spell so that she would look like any other beautiful princess. As soon as the prince laid eyes on her, he would fall desperately in love with her. Or, so she thought.

Back at the palace the prince was still looking to see which princess could be his bride. Just at that very moment, the princess of Bothell walked through the castle doors. She was a little shorter than the prince and had wavy waist-length milk chocolate brown hair. She had a somewhat pale complexion with rosy cheeks and dark brown eyes. She wore a sky blue dress that was adorned with sparkly flowers all over the back and on the sleeves.

The prince was overcome with the need to meet her. He tried to push his way through the seemingly solid crowd to get to her but everybody wanted to talk to him. Especially all the other princesses.

The princess also tried to push her way through the crowed but everybody was now circling the prince.

At that very moment, the witch walked through the castle doors. She disguised herself as an average height, blonde hair, blue eyed princess. She wore a pale pink satin dress that touched the floor. It was like she had a halo of light around her. Of course that was made possible by the spell she put upon herself so the people would take notice of her. It seemed to work since the room suddenly became very quiet as the crowed stared in awe.

The prince and the princess, however, used this opportunity to slip through the crowed, unnoticed, to meet each other.

The witch slowly descended down the steps, smirking as she went because she knew that she would win the prince's heart. She also knew that every princess in the room was jealous. Thanks to her spell. "I love being evil," she thought to herself.

Outside in the garden, the prince and princess met each other for the first time. They sat down on a bench and began to talk.

"I am princess Amania from Bothell," said Amania with a curtsey.

"I'm Prince Joseph. And I'm very pleased to meet you," introducing himself then, kissed her hand.

"Me too." She smiled.

Meanwhile inside, everybody was back to waltzing and socializing while the witch was looking everywhere for the prince. She couldn't find him, since he was still outside chatting with the princess. So instead she went to the platform where the King and Queen were sitting on their thrones to introduce herself in a sweetly manor, trying not to gag while doing so. She wanted to make a good impression, but she really didn't need to. The King and Queen were very pleased with her and without knowing it they were thinking the same thing. She would make the perfect wife for their son. The witch smiled wickedly. "It's just a matter of time until the prince is mine."