An Eternity Alone

The night grows darker and you wonder
How did things get so bad and out of hand? You know that
Even though you've tried your hardest it will never be good enough.

Words cannot describe your agony and pain.
Only you understand, and that is the way you want them to
So you can live your life
The way you want to, no questions asked.

However you know such a sweet thing
And such an imaginative thought cannot be true.
So you decide…

You are going to attempt the impossible, change.
Even though you try, deep down you know the
Truth. You know

To overcome such sorrow would take a miracle, no doubt.
Only now you question whether or not you even want such a thing.

Carefully you watch and weigh your options.
Only to remain undecided. The
Miracle you so desperately need has long since passed you by, and you begin to realize
Eternity is a long time to spend alone.

Hmm…this is rather old, sorta…it's more recent than some of my other poems…I wrote this in my biology class one day…looking back on it…I'm not sure who I was talking about…there's two people in that…I tried to write it for someone else, but it came out as me writing for both of us. Oh and there's a "hidden message" in this, it's not that hard to see...maybe you'll get it...maybe you won't..i'm not sure.