Lonely and hurt,
Broken I am
Residing in hell,
living in pain...

Masked by lies,
I slowly fade away...
The nightmare I live with,
each and every day

The meaning of it all,
to which my mind attends,
Has not one answer
that I fully comprehend...

The bottom of my mind
holds the answers which I call,
I keep reaching towards it
in this never-ending fall...

"Stay strong and keep going,
it's never too late"...
No one seems to realize
that it's not worth the wait

There's no such thing
as help outside of your mind,
It's you against yourself,
with your demons intertwined

It's a battle, hard fought,
but never to be won...
Either way you end up losing
when it's all said and done

"Too late" came and passed...
and, of me, nothing more
I wrote my own ending,
and I shut my own door...

"Live your life to its fullest"
that's what they all said,
But what's the point in trying
when you're already dead?