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The Wolf Princess


A wolf ran through the dark forest. Trees and bushes scraped at her and some drew blood but she didn't care, she had to get her to safety. Clenched between her teeth was a blanket which held a sleeping baby girl. The little girl had natural white hair the color of fresh snow and had her eyes been open, you would see they were a bright crystal blue. Around her neck was a silver pendant which had the design of a crescent moon with a rose through it. The wolf kept running faster and faster, she could hear the growls of the rebels behind her, they would soon catch up.

The wolf sniffed the air and smelt fire. Running towards the scent, she found a small clearing with a cottage. Smoke trailed from the chimney and the warm glow of candles could be seen through the windows.

Taking this one chance to ensure the girl's safety, the wolf changed to human form. She placed the girl on the doorstep and knocked rapidly before running back into the forest.

Henry and Margaret were enjoying a quiet night at home in their small cottage. It was secluded in the middle of the forest but they liked the peace there. Some of the villagers thought the young couple must be mad to live so far from the town, what with all the rumors about wolves. But Henry and Margaret weren't afraid, Henry was a wolf hunter and he boasted that he could easily protect his wife from those beasts. Wolves in this world were smart and cunning, with the ability to shape shift into human form. There were whispers that the wolves roamed among the humans every day undetected and hunted in their true forms at night.

Their quiet was broken when there was a knock at the door. Henry got up to answer it, most likely a traveler who lost his way in the vast forest. However when he opened the door there was no one there. About to step back into the house, he was stopped by a cry. Looking down, he saw a baby girl.

"Margaret, come here."

She stood up form her needlework, "What is it Honey?"

Walking over to the door, she saw the baby and her heart skipped a beat. Gasping, she picked up the little bundle and rocked her back and fourth to stop the crying.

"Oh Henry, she's beautiful! Huh? What's this?"

Margaret picked up the pendant and ran her fingers over the design. Turning it over, she saw an inscription.

"Selene... What a lovely name..."

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