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"blah" means talking

'blah' means thinking

Chapter 1

"Selene! Sweetie, can you come down?"

Selene looked over the top of the banister, "Yes mother?"

Margaret smiled, "Could you go to the market for me? I've got so many things to do here, I really don't have the time."

Selene came to the bottom of the stairs, "Sure."

"Thanks, now here's a list of what we need. This money here should be enough."

"Alright, I'll be back soon." Selene waved goodbye as she walked out the door.

It was a half an hour walk through the forest before she would reach the town and the market. A gust of wind blew strands of hair into her face and she brushed it back behind her ear. Her hair... It was always the cause of all the teasing she went through as a child. Most of the villagers had brown or black hair, sometimes red or dark blonde, but never pure white. Her eyes seemed to make her even more strange, they were blue. And not just a regular blue, they were so bright that at times they seemed to sparkle. No one had eyes like that, except for her. She had heard the story a million times from her parents, about how they just found her on their doorstep and she fell right into their hearts. She had never really questioned where she came from until she started going to school and saw that the other children looked nothing like her. Memories of her first day flooded back...

She was scared. Selene had never been to school before. She held tightly onto her mother's hand as they walked towards the school house. She heard laughter coming from inside. It sounded like the other children were having fun, maybe it wouldn't be so scary after all. Her mother knocked on the door and the teacher came to answer.

"Yes?" she smiled.

Margaret smiled back, "This is my daughter Selene."

"Ah, yes. We were expecting you today." she put her hand on Selene's shoulder and led her inside, "Come on in dear."

Selene glanced back and her mother gave her a reassuring nod. The door closed and she was led into the classroom. The teacher took her up to the front. From here, Selene had a clear view of the other students who were all staring at her. She knew she didn't look like her parents, but she didn't look like any of these children either. No one else had white hair. There were a few who had blue eyes, but not nearly as bright as hers.

"Class, this is our new student Selene."

Everyone remained silent until a boy in the front row spoke, "She looks weird!"

Selene was confused, she was weird? Why?

The teacher seemed angry, she cleared her throat and the giggles in the classroom stopped, "Bobby, that wasn't nice. Apologize."

Bobby's eyes lowered, "Sorry."

The teacher nodded, "Selene, you can take a seat at that empty desk there."

Selene walked to her seat and noticed that Bobby stuck his tongue out at her as she went past. The others just eyed her tauntingly.

Selene sighed as she continued on the forest path. The trail seemed to wind in every single direction. It would probably be faster if she just left the road and cut through the trees. Ignoring her parents constant warnings about wolves, she stepped through the underbrush and headed in a straight line towards the town. She walked for about five minutes before she stopped, someone was speaking up ahead. Quietly, she continued until she came to a clearing. She saw three men and a woman who looked as though they'd been arguing. Selene ducked behind a tree and listened.

They were all facing away from her but she could see that the woman was about medium height with long black hair. Two of the three men had gray hair, though one was about a head taller than the other. That was strange, they looked as though they were only in their early twenties, yet they already had gray hair? The last man was a little shorter than the taller man with gray hair, his hair was light brown.

The taller of the two gray-haired men was yelling at the brown-haired man, "You call yourself our leader? If I was leading this search, we would have found her months ago!"

The brown-haired man scowled, "Really Sirus? You think you could do better? There was absolutely nothing to go on, she could have been taken in any direction, not to mention any number of miles."

Sirus still seemed angry. The shorter gray-haired man put his hand on Sirus' shoulder, "Kain has a point Sirus."

"Stay out of this Oren!" he yanked his shoulder away.

"That's enough!" the woman stepped forward, "Kain was appointed leader so that's the way it will stay. You're acting like a pup Sirus."

'Pup?' Selene thought, that was a strange way to refer to a child...

Sirus sighed, "You always have to listen to orders, don't you Maria?"

Maria crossed her arms, "Only when I know they're the right course."

Kain stepped forward, "There's a town nearby. We can ask the villagers there tomorrow, after we hunt for food."

Finally, they all seemed to agree. They turned and walked out of the clearing. Selene was finally able to see their faces. She was right about Sirus and Oren, neither one looked old enough to have gray hair. Sirus still wore a scowl and she could now see he had brown eyes. Oren's eyes were bright green. The leader, Kain was fairly handsome, but what really struck Selene was that he had yellow eyes. How could a human have yellow eyes? Maria was the last one out of the clearing. She was very beautiful and her eyes were blue. The same color blue as Selene's.

Shocked at seeing someone with the same eyes as she had, Selene almost forgot to go to the market. Quickly, she walked the rest of the way into town and purchased everything on her mother's list. She took the path on her way back home.

That night, she laid awake in bed. Who were those people? They seemed so different from the villagers. She fingered her pendant as she pondered the strangers. They were looking for someone. Who? Finally, she couldn't keep her eyes open any longer, and sleep overtook her.

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