"Kori! Kori! Hurry up! Their coming, were gonna get caught!"

Kori was unable to move from the shock of the cop sirens. She was still holding the can of spray paint. And she had it all of her cloths.

She dropped the can and started to run when she felt Kyle tugging on her arm. And with that little tug, she ran, she ran hard and fast. She looked at Kyle (her boyfriend) running beside her, he looked at her back. Then they both glanced behind them at the cop cars pulling up to the freshly spray painted wall of Ressadona High, and they burst out laughing.

They had gotten away with another prank at the school. You'd think after about 10 different pranks that they would've been caught.

When they finally got back to where they had hidden the cars everyone was waiting for them. "Where the hell have you dumb asses been?", Michael asked. "You were so close to being BUSTED big time."

Kori turned around to see all of the cops picking up cans of spray paint, and examining the graffiti on the wall. She felt Kyle come up behind her and slip his arms around her waist. "What the hell happened to you down there Kor?!". She turned to face him.

"Got scared shitless. All of a sudden all I could hear was sirens. So I just froze then I heard you yelling my name. I've never felt like that before Kyle. Maybe its time we quit with all the pranks, I mean we've done so many. And you and I both know that its only a matter of time until were caught."

"Oh my gosh Kori! I cant believe you just suggested that. I mean half of these stunts have been your idea. I mean why back down now? What has gotten into you?" Kyle yelled.

Kori crossed her arms and turned away from Kyle, she looked down to where the cops were packing everything up and starting to leave. 'We have been so close to getting caught. And thins time we barley made it away. I don't know how we'll get away next time. Next time could end up being the last time.' She thought to her self quietly.

Kyle slowly walked up behind her again. He turned her around to face him. She looked toward the ground. He placed his finger under her chin he tilted her face up to meet his. "I'm sorry that I yelled at you babe." He said.

Kori buried her face in his chest as he wrapped his arms around her, "I want out Kyle, I want out of this group out of all of this. I'm done. Completely."

"Okay." He said. "Just one more prank for old times sake Kor. Just one more tomorrow night."

Reluctantly Kori said, "Okay, one more time. Tomorrow night will be the last time I do this. Any of it. The last time I will be with you guys."