School started a month ago for Kori, Logan, and the others. It had been 3 months since the date that night. And they had been inseparable ever since that night. Spending every waking moment together that they could.

This night was of course no different. Marsha and Justin were out on a date. Samantha was spending the night with a friend. And Kori's Aunt Adrianna was over at her boyfriend Andy's house. So tonight they would have the house to themselves.

Kori was up in her room when she heard the doorbell ring. She ran down the stairs in her gray sweatpants and white tank top. She didn't feel very good so she just decided to throw on something comfortable. For some reason, she couldn't quite place, she had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.

As she opened the door, there stood Logan. He was wearing a pair of red and black basketball shorts, along with a white t-shirt showing off his tight muscled chest that lay underneath.

Stepping threw the door and into the cool house Logan slowly wrapped his arms around Kori's tiny waist. Bend over so his mouth was right on her ear he whispered, "Hey baby."

The warmth of his breath on her skin sent shivers down her spine. Logan lifted his head, and blue eyes met green. There was a silence as they stood there with their eyes locked in a trance. It was more of an understanding, a way for them to let each other know how they felt.

Breaking the trance Kori placed one hand on the back of Logan's neck and pulled his head down so that his lips would meet hers. As the kiss started to intensify, she felt his tongue part her lips and break into her mouth to explore.

As Logan pulled her body closer to his, Kori was amazed at how perfectly their bodies fit together.

Soon Kori and Logan found themselves laying on the couch. Logan on top of Kori. And her hands tangled in his curly mop of blonde hair.

As they broke apart, both in desperate need of air, blue met green once again. " Kor…I…I…" Logan stammered, but got cut off by the ringing of Kori's cell phone.

"Hold that thought baby." She said kissing him on the nose, and grabbing her cell phone.

"Hello?" Kori sang sweetly into the phone.

"OOOH Hey daddy! What's going on?"


"Asked for me!? But why me?!"

"GOD how could this happen?! Who would do this?!"

"I'll be on a flight in the morning daddy. But I'm not staying long. I'll just come for a day or two then I'm coming back."

"Okay I love you too. See you tomorrow. Bye."

Looking at Logan with sad eyes Kori slowly sat down beside him on the couch. "Do you remember me tellin' you about my ex-boyfriend Kyle?" She asked taking his hand in her own.

"Yah baby. So?"

"He's in the hospital. He got shot twice in the chest. They don't expect him to hang on very much longer, maybe a few more days tops. His mom called my dad and told him all about it because, Kyle keeps asking to see me."

"So you're going?"

"Yah. I mean what else can I do?! We were together for like a year Logan and if he's dieing I should be there especially if he is asking for me. And plus I was really close to his mother and she really wants me to be there."

"I understand baby. You should go." Logan said kissing her lips ever so softly. "As long as you promise you're going to come back here and not end up staying there and falling in love with Kyle all over again."

"Baby," she said nibbling on thumb. "Your better! You're much, much better than he is. I would never go back to that life, after I've figured out how amazing it is to be with you."

"Back at you baby."

"Hey come help me pack a bag. I don't think you've even ever gotten to see my room have you?"

"Nope I can't say that I have my dear."

"Well follow me then."


Kori pushed open her bedroom door with Logan right behind her. Once in the room Logan jumped onto Kori's bed. "PINK?! I shoulda known."

Faking a hurt expression Kori said, "Well if you don't like it you don't have to be in my bedroom ever again, you can go home if you'd like." She then turned her back to him and pulled a small duffle bag from the closet.

As she turned around she was looking at Logan's chest. He was so close she could feel his breath against her skin. As she looked up at his face she smiled when she saw blonde curls hanging in his eyes.

Reaching up to push the curls out of his face, his hand grabbed hers. All of a sudden she felt butterflies in her stomach. A feeling that she could only remember feeling from when she was a child.

Shivers ran down her spine as Logan's hand slowly caressed her cheek. His thumb softly traced her bottom lip. Placing her hands on his chest, she felt his hard muscled chest. Looking up at his face her eyes met his. He leaned down kissing her softly.

"Hey now, we can't be gettin' carried away doing that. I have to pack a bag!" Kori said breathlessly.

"Oh but baby, It's SoOoOoO hard not to!"

"I know, I know. But I promise when I get back, we can do all of that we want to." She whispered in his ear.

"Promise?" He whined.

"I promise, now sit down and let me pack whinny!"

After Kori had packed a few sets of cloths and other essential things she thought she'd need she laid down on the bed next to Logan.

The next thing she knows she's being shackin' awake by her aunt Adrianna. "Kori, Kori get up! Your plane leaves in like three hours. We need to get on the road and head to the airport."

Kori felt something warm around her waist, she turned to see that Logan was laying behind her. He started to stir at the sound of Adrianna's voice.

"Did daddy call you or something?" Kori asked her voice was a little bit raspy from not being used. Adrianna nodded at her question.

"Logan your mother called and was worried because you hadn't come home. I told her you had accidently fallen asleep and that it was fine if you stayed. And I also told her that you would be going with us this morning to the airport. She is fine with it and you will not be in trouble when you get home."

"Thanks Adrianna. I owe you one." Logan said kissing the side of Kori's neck.

Once at the Airport Kori gave a quick hug to her Aunt Adrianna, Marsha, Samantha telling them that she would miss her the few days that she would be gone.

Logan said he was going to walk Kori to her Terminal and that he would meet everyone else back at the car. He was sweet and carried her duffle bag for her. As they walked hand in hand toward the line of people waiting to get on the plane.

The line was moving fast, so they had little time to say a good bye to each other. As they stopped to face each other Logan said, "Look Kor, I tried to tell you this last night but your dad called. I…I…I love you."

Kori got so excited that she jumped on Logan wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. Looking into his eyes she said, "I love you too! Very much."

Logan dropped Kori's duffle bag to the ground and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her passionately. "Last call for boarding of flight 587 to Ressadona, California." The intercom blared.

Sliding down from Logan's waist, Kori grabbed her duffle bag and her plane ticket. "I love you, and I'll be home before you know it."

"I love you too baby. Call me when you get there." Logan said kissing her one last time. He stood there waving good-bye to her as he watched her walk until she was out of site.