One can attribute the insecurities
of an overweight and middle-aged woman
to the beautifully sinful American society as what it might inspire

But the methods, conceived and born of desperation,
with which she chooses to conceal her also unattractive
lack of confidence, lack of class, lack of culture
are, even by the most jaded and greed-filled Western eye,
almost entirely inexcusable

Her child,
(the most unpleasing and ungrateful of the moment or) the one most consistently so,
will be made the sole sacrifice of the family
for the good of the woman's self-satisfaction
or the material which attempts to cover the uncertainties of her own person

In other words, to blame and accuse the wrong-doings and wrong-feelings on the mother's own child
until she will not be suspected of the truth (it will be lost in the transition of guilt)

What but the beautifully sinful American society can de-value security
and place it among that which we know as wrong but cannot from refrain

Why or how is it that anything but balanced fashions and emotions are
more to bring shame
than the selling of one's body and the maybe trendy denial of one's soul

Freedom, perhaps?

It is indirectly the child who most suffers
from the mother's right- the nation's right- to compete (the freedom to compete)

It is the beauty or re-defining and acceptance of sin by society
which costs the family thousands on therapy and later on surgery
for their child
because how else can the confidence Mom sees you are missing be attained

Lies become elaborate when we become
as primitive as we are (so very nationalistically) advanced