So much has happened these past few months,
And more this week alone.
There are some things we can never get back
As circumstances to us have shown.

What could have happened, now, is gone -
I've ruined that for sure.
What is going to happen now?
In my mind, it's still obscure.

We can never retrieve what we once had;
Its significance has been lost
When I went ahead, with disregard,
And that final line was crossed.

I'm so sorry for all I've done,
And I can't help but look back.
If I had listened to my heart,
Would we be on a different track?

This part of my life is now over,
Its ending has been penned.
After all this, I cannot see why
You'd still want to be my friend.

I've hurt you more than I could ever dream;
I acted without thought,
My mind's in a million pieces now;
This lesson has been taught.

I know I cannot change the past,
Because what's done is done.
But the next chapter has yet to unfold;
It has only begun.

A/N: Just some thoughts on life... and my own actions...