The Things I Do For You


Where It Ends; It Begins

Quiet whispers floated around the large room; people talking to one and another. I peeked my head through the thick black curtain to look out at the seats. I 'meep'd and widened my eyes. There were so many people! I felt an arm slide over my shoulders.

"Whoa." Tune said; his breath thick in my ear. I nodded my head in agreement then stepped back to look at him. His hair was combed nicely back and his suit was nicely pressed. It was a black ink color and his jacket unbuttoned. But that was okay I had refused to tuck my shirt in.

He wrapped his hand around mine and gave it a squeeze. I looked at him puzzled and he pointed through the curtain. I would have smiled if I wasn't so nervous. Sitting in the front row was Erik (with his tag-less suit), Daisy, Chase, and Gage with their mom. Chase was wearing a little blue suit while Daisy wore a pretty orange dress (Which Erik would later tell me it was to match my hair). I waved at them and Erik winked.

Good luck, he mouthed.

"Go!" A voice said and pushed me out to the stage. Tune followed. I sat at the piano bench and took a deep breath. I heard Tune get ready and fiddle with his guitar. I looked out at he crowd one last time and spotted Mandy. He was sitting by Jeremy and Aaron and Jadyn dressed in tight designer jeans and a button up shirt. His hair had been recently chopped and when I said he looked like an idiot he said he was giving off the "Shuichi Shindou" look. I asked who the hell that was and he handed me a book (we were at his house). It's filled with comic like pages and I made a mental note to read it.

Tune looked at me signaling he was ready. I nodded and rested my hands on the keys. They felt cold to touch but it was a pleasant feeling to feel with my overheated fingers. I took a deep breath and felt the keys start moving.

As we played I thought of where the time went. It's impossible to think of what the future might hold, because you don't know. I thought of all the ups and downs I had with Erik; all the break ups that could have been so incredibly easy to avoid. I thought of Mandy and all he had done even in his own dumb way. I knew wherever he went he would be happy; somehow. I felt laughter bubble up as I thought of how Wyoming; home of the horses and cattle and cow pies, would handle Mandy.

But I forced it down and continued playing. I missed the proud look in Erik's eyes and the smiling in Mandy's, the laughter in Tune's and the knowing in Gage's. They were all so different; those four but I think without them I wouldn't be me. I wouldn't be the me right now standing up and taking Tune's hand in mine, bowing and laughing at the cheers. I wouldn't be smiling like my day had come; like the lucky dog I was. I wouldn't be wrapped in Erik's arms or with Mandy around my waist and Daisy wouldn't be wrapped so tightly around my leg or Chase with his fingers on my sleeve.

The songs in my head stopped awhile ago and I figure it was about the time Mandy starting showing up and painting nails. I looked up into the bright lights that illuminated the auditorium and for a moment my entire sight went white. I felt like I was the happiest person in the world, like I was released or something and I thought back to the day that changed everything. Maybe I'd write it down or something.


And I was start with; My English teacher once told me that every story has a beginning. He said that in order to succeed in life you needed to stand up for what you knew was right and not let anyone stop you from believing it.

Becuase that's where it ends and the rest begins.

The End...

Or the begining. It's the way you look at it.

Next story is...A SURPRISE!

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