Twirling with the

Wind in my hair

Feeling as

High as the birds fly

Because you put me there

And stargazing at night

Was never quite so bright

As in the country summer sky

I say I'm a dreamer's curse

I could never be

A dream

But to the one I dream of

Staring into the lives of

Pictures I see

You call


I call


A reality unlived but in dreams

Where I see you

Is my reality


You say it can't be

I say that

What you see in front of me

Is not what I see

And I wonder why a dreamer's eyes

Are set so differently

Time lost is a

Lifetime gained

Artificial romance

Brewed and

Set afire

Never quite so hot as the one burning

In a romantic's soul

So call me a romantic

Because I speak what I feel

But I believe in you

You are my

Autumn's destiny

You are my

Winter warm dream

Summer's first rose

Pink and blooming

From childhood memories lost

Aside from that single rose

Sitting beside a bed

Long wilted but

Forever in bloom

Kiss me

In the summer rain

Dance with me

Under the stars

Because the only thing

More beautiful then an unprotected, broken heart

Is one left lucid by love

Paint my soul colors

Unseen by human eyes

Fill me with color

Protect this fragile heart

So it might never break

Force me to go

Beyond reality