Chapter 1

I always knew I was different, but is it necessary to exploit my above- average intelligence? According to my mom it is, which is why I'm here right now; a boarding school for nerds.

I stood on the sidewalk right in front of the prestigious school. I had no idea what it was called- not that I cared. I had a huge trunk with my clothes and other personal items closed safely inside. I had my messenger bag hanging off my shoulder and Mother was standing next to me. She was leaning comfortably against the side of her Cadillac as she gave me one of her speeches that I was, once again, forced to listen to.

"Make good friends, alright? And stay away from hooligans… like that kid," she said as she pointed to a boy with shaggy brown hair that reached his shoulders. His shirt was unbuttoned and his white beater was the only thing protecting him from the cool wind. I rolled my eyes. I wouldn't want to be friends with that idiot anyway. They say this school is for people that are overly smart, so why, when I look around, do I see people that seem to lack common sense. I mean, come on, it's late August, it's bound to be at least jacket weather.

I probably should've been paying attention to Mother, but honestly, I don't really care what she was saying. And I know for a fact that you don't either. It's an unwritten rule that my mom has to repeat everything she says at least three times before she realizes that she's still talking. I looked down at the red and green wrist watch my brother got me and realized that it was about time for supper, and that I was hungry. "Do you want me to help you take your trunk up to your room?" Oh, that's right, not only do I have to learn here, I have to live here! Beautiful. I shook my head at Mom, then she shrugged and got back in her car. "I'll call you later tonight, Sweetie, alright?" I nodded and she sighed. She closed the door and drove off.

Do you see something wrong with this picture? Here I am, standing in front of a huge, crimson brick building, whose lush, green yard is overflowing at adolescence all by myself.

What were my parents thinking? I'm not a people person, not usually. I'd spent most of my life at the bottom of the proverbial food chain. I have to admit that I was a really big nerd. It wasn't because I was smarter than more than half my school's population, or the fact that I liked anime and most things Japanese. I was a dork because I wanted to be… if that makes sense.

I learned early in life that being your own person was more important than how big your boobs were. And now that I'm here, I'm glad I learned that early on. Looking back, now, I see that all through my life I was never happier than when I was being completely, utterly true to myself, and in turn, true to those around me. Nothing is more important than that.

Authors Note: I've been working on this story for a while now. It's my first 1st person story. I know this chapter was pretty short, but it'll get better as it goes... I hope. Tell me what you think, okay?