Chapter 7

Once my last class was over I went to go sit in my room to wait for dinner. This is just great, the next year just started and I'm already falling into my old routine. I dug around in my pockets for my room key with my left hand while the other tried to keep my over-load of books from toppling over onto the poorly kept floor of the boys' dorm.

I found the stupid thing (the key) in my front right pocket. Figures. Anyway, I jabbed the key into the doorknob and opened my door. My dorm was pretty small, just like the rest of them. It had one twin-sized bed on either side of the door that was accompanied by a nightstand. At the foot of each bed was a squatty bookshelf and a desk. Each roommate had their own closet on the far wall, but they shared a bathroom.

My roommate's name is Jeremy and he's a butt hole. There's no other way to describe him without using explicit language. He's on the soccer team, so you just know he's popular- even though he sucks at any and all sports. The kid is about as coordinated as a sloth on crack and about as quick, too. His side of the room is hideous, though he does a good job of keeping his crap on his side of the room. I think he's afraid of me, but that's just fine with me.

I truly feel sorry for Aliece. She's in a room with Mandy. And, while I have a sinking feeling that the girls' dorms are larger in size, Mandy is the second most popular girl in school, so you just know she's gonna be a b—I mean… nevermind.

Speaking of Aliece, she's was one crazy chick. (Now, I bet you're wondering why I'm thinking all this standing in my doorway. Well, I'm not. I actually dropped all my crap by my desk then flopped on my bed- I didn't mention this 'cause it would've completely screwed my thought flow, even though I just did that with this little note… crap!) Her black hair reached about mid-neck and curled under. She always pulled hair behind her left ear but left the rest of her hair to cover her right eye in an air of creepy mystery. She had bright blue eyes that icy, and her irises were surrounded by deep blue/black. She wore all black, and she seemed perfectly comfortable with herself.

I've never met anyone like her. As I rolled over to face the grey/blue wall I thought about how she'd called Sandra and Many whores. Nobody did that, I mean, yeah- everybody hated them- but that was because they were jealous of them. Well, not me. I hated them because they ridiculed me. Aliece, on the other hand, didn't really have a reason to hate them. I really couldn't figure her out.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door being swung violently opened. That's how Jeremy opened doors. All of them. He thought that he was so great that everyone had to know when he entered a room. I, personally, don't give a crap whether he's here or not.

"Hey, queer! How's life treatin' you?" he asked out of technicalities. It was common courtesy to not act like an arch nemesis on the very first day.

"I was just fine until you arrived. You?" Like I said, it was common courtesy. But, common courtesy was just another way for them to get what they want, only subtly. So, therefore, I showed my hate from the beginning. Why would I want them to even think that I'd become one of their pathetic disciples? Jeremy glared at me for not following protocol; however, I was the embodiment of all oddities to them, so why should I, like I said, try?

"Perfect. I was just out hanging with my friends." Like I care? "Oh, wait, you don't have friends! I forgot." Ouch. In case you haven't noticed, I have very low self esteem. I rolled over then and stood in front of him. I stared him blankly in the eye for a moment. I had to be careful, though, I didn't want him to think I was hitting on him. Now that's gross. Jeremy glared at me before I turned and sauntered towards the door. "Hey, where d'you think you're goin', faggot?" I sighed. I really hated the names, how immature.

"I'm going to go 'hang with my friends'. Don't wait up for me," I said as I rolled my eyes. I slammed the door before he could try to come up with a witty response that would only show his idiocy. And people thought I liked that sack of potatoes? He's not my type. That's nasty.

I continued my inner-monologue/rant all the way to Aliece's room. She'd given me her room number, etc. after English. I rapped lightly on her door. There was a squeak, rustling, and then a quick rush of someone running to the door. Mandy open the door, but when she saw who it was her face scrunched up tightly in distaste. I glared at her, but she just rolled her eyes.

"Like, what are you doing here?" she spat. I glared again- I really hated her.

"Well, I'm not here to see you're ugly face, now am I?" She made an 'Ugh' type sound as she rolled her eyes and muttered,

"Let's hope not." I raised an eyebrow. I standing two feet from her, does she really expect me not to hear?

"Yes, let's." She made a face that said 'whatever' and was about to slam the door on my face (Aliece is right, she is a whore) when my current favorite person appeared from the bathroom working a piece of floss between her teeth. Aliece glanced slowly up at us and smiled widely upon seeing me.

"Hey Adrian!" Finally somebody calls me by my name. "I was just thinking about coming to visit you when I got a bit of popcorn stuck between my molars." What the heck?! All I could do was laugh because; well… she's just crazy. That's all I can say to describe her.

Mandy 'tsh'ed at being ignored and left the room. Aliece laughed with me before moving over to a mini fridge I hadn't seen earlier. "You want something to drink? I got… Mountain Dew and chocolate milk." I took a can of soda and sat down on her bed. She plopped down next to me and giggled when she bounced on the mattress. I raised an eyebrow at her.

"What is wrong with you?" Aliece shrugged in response and turned to her CD player residing on her nightstand. "This Photograph is Proof" by Taking Back Sunday played after a moment of her fiddling around with the buttons.

She started singing along, taking large gulps in-between lines. She sang well enough- she actually sounded pretty good.

Once the song was over she turned to me and stared at me while the next song began. "Do you want to talk, now?" she asked, completely calm. I nodded quietly, looking away from her and not saying anything.

It was quiet beside the CD player. "Do you want me to ask you yes or no questions? That's what me and Domi do."

"Domi and I," I instantly corrected. I didn't do it on purpose, I hated when people corrected me but it just popped out. Aliece grunted. "Who's Domi?" She smiled into her drink and swallowed slowly before answering me.

"Dominic is my best friend. We hang out all the time. Though, sometimes we hang out with my brother, Dan, and Ran." I nodded my head with an 'Ah', but stopped mid-nod and gave her a look.

"You have a friend whose name is a past tense verb?" She nodded, proudly.

"Yurp!" What kind of sound is 'yurp'? "He's really cool. See, 'Ran' is just a nickname that he made up 'cause he doesn't like his real name- which I'm not allowed to tell you." I nodded again and she grinned.

"What?" I asked slowly.

"Nothing. I was just thinking about the time that the four of us went to IHOP together and Domi bribed Ran to flirt with our waiter. He said he'd pay for is whole meal and dessert for everyone if he did. It was hilarious."

"Did he?"

"Of course. Without hesitation he started looking the guy up and down with this Cheshire grin and he kept saying all these crappy pick up lines that made the poor guy blush every time he came to our table."

"That's terrible! That poor guy!" Aliece laughed at my reaction.

"Don't worry; I think we left him a fifty dollar tip." My eyes widened. Fifty dollars? Holy cow! She laughed at me again.

"Didn't he feel uncomfortable hitting on him?" Aliece shrugged.

"Why would he? I think he dated the guy for awhile afterwards." You thought my eyes were wide before? Yeah, I think they tripled. Aliece ignored me with a sigh and another giggle. "He's my favorite gay guy."

"So what am I? Jeez, second place again," I said with a sigh, shaking my head. Alright, so I couldn't say it directly. I didn't know how she would react, which was stupid seeing as she already had a friend that was gay. But, I felt better just hinting it to her.

She seemed to catch on pretty quick and smirked at me. "Naw, it's a tie. I have to bring you home one of these times so you can meet the guys."

I don't know how it happened, but I'm actually friends with someone. And the best part? I don't have to hide anything. Around her I can just let go, which is nice- I've never been able to wholly be myself before. I think I might actually be looking forward to this year.

Author's Note: Sorry about the wait... and I forgot to put an author's note on my last chapter. I bet you missed so me didn't you? rolls eyes Anyway, this chapter was done from Adrian's POV, as if you couldn't tell. This was just an experiment to see if I could change the tone of the words as a changed characters. I don't know if it really worked or not. And, this story is about Aliece and her relationship; not Adrian's. Also, I know this story is going kind of slow, but I'm trying to build slowly on each relationship and I'm trying to build on Aliece and Adrian's before I start in to anything romantic for either one.

Angel's worst nightmare: Sorry I didn't reply last time. I feel pretty stupid that I forgot... Anyhoo- yeah, there will be romance, but like I said earlier that probably won't start until the next chapter or the one after that.