Hers is an extreme taste,

She dissects just to know

Blue in the face, she's studied in school

And known as the girl with the tear-away heart

Forgive and Forget—

Her modern name.

She's a big girl now, big on authority,

She's a whore to power and does not believe in further purpose

Known as the girl with the retractable conscience,

And a sucker for glamour,

She's a gobbling consumer of tabloids and paparazzi proof,

Her hands are like Tarot cards, but the palms are scratched off

Forgive and Forget, she's afraid of her memory

But she'll tell all her secrets for a fat pay raise and a promotion,

Precious advancement,

No-one will mind;

Her fingers are whistles, and she can't dance her distaste

A conscience is a waste, and who knows, maybe she'll expose a mind trick or two

For the front page

Her forsaken grace, where is the question?

Forgive and Forget,

Exposure a mile long, sure as her blood is red she'll see between the lines

With something in her grasp besides fortune,

Sure as her name is gone she'll spill the prospect of Right and Wrong

And the public has collected her scraps for an eternity,

Discrediting the fear that brought them all there

In the first place, but who's watching?

Maybe a newspaper.

The ocean is hers, and she can maybe sleep again

Forgive and Forget,

It's not her body on the autopsy table anymore,

Maybe she can sleep again, now the trouble's away,

The girl with the wash-away scars.