It's been so long,
How long exactly?
Will I stay here?
I'm lost…

Help me,
I'm stranded,
I'm lost,
I'm being smothered and suffocated,

I see a person,
A vision!
A warm embrace,
A person that loves me,

They're holding out their hand to me,
I try to take it,
But my hands go through theirs,
That warm embrace,
It's disappearing,
It's turning into cold rejection,

That feeling,
The feeling of loneliness,
Absolute emptiness,
I feel it,

I'm falling, descending,
Faster and faster,
It's out of control!
But I don't really care,
Ice runs through my veins,
I long for that warm feeling,
The warm embrace…

That vision,
It's still there, calling me
Beckoning me,
I'm still falling,
I'm still cold,
The darkness is stronger,
Pulling me in further and further

I close my eyes and wait for my demise,
But it doesn't come,
Instead, a hand is holding tightly onto mine,
I open my eyes in confusion,
I'm tired and want to give in,
But you are there reassuring me

Are you helping me?
Toying with me?
I need to know,
Why are you here?
Why aren't you letting me fall like everyone else?
Rejecting me?
Hurting me?

You answered with a sweet smile,
Full of warmth and full of life,
"Because I'm your friend…"