First off, let me just say that I wrote this before the last poem I posted, and when I was writing that one, I didn't realize that I had used the "tear-away face" line before. So that's in both of these. Also, because there are some people who feel the need to point these things out, no, I did not make up the Velveteen Rabbit. Geez, people.

There is no more time to spend on this race,
at least said the man with the torn-away face,
he hoped we'd slide to followers on a liquid toboggan,
but then noon slit our wrists
and we could only wear our ice skates on our hands.

The night held too many holes
they were the cigarette burns in Olympic magazines
these nights wegrasped too tightly, white-knuckled and sweating,
praying for lacerations, lusting for relief,
pounding in our chests
Now we're under arrest,
legs wrapped around drain pipes draining color from our cheeks
with an itch to run, we scratch the gun
and the man and his face say, "it's all in good fun"
kill time, kill time, no longer spending hours,
buzzard scraps
follow the walking wizard into disgrace,
for there's no more time to spend on this race.
and noon brings closure with every breath
My breath, not yours,
flying in the outdoors,
Velveteen rabbit won't help me begin,
buzzard scraps, let me in
Walking wizard, he's covered his trace,
killing the time we spent on his race