When my world fell apart all around
Like a glass ball that shattered
The broken pieces were left to litter the ground
Before you were there to make it better

I was blinded by false truths
And it was too late to find myself
I ran away from all I ever knew,
The sad story of my youth

I say over and over again,
Why do bad things have to happen?
Why can't this life turn out right?
Is it my fault or is it just fate?


So where can I go now,
When false truths are all I know?
And past dreams are life's lost hope?



But somewhere between the anger and despair
You found me sitting there
You held me for so long
And we were lost in a moment of our own

You showed me the real truth
How these things happen and why they do
You made everything better now that we're together
You are the story of my youth