WARNING: This appendix may contain spoilers.


Agnoru deimos ignori - Protect thine allies.

Dormanu - Haven

Ekoliru - Sacred Blood

Elori deimos lurne - Destroy thine enemies.

Ihil mium - So deem the gods.

Ilorre watyr - Preserve justice.

Inori van varta - Protect the meek.

Kala du intka - I give you peace.

Yarla dun mija - I release your bonds.

Old Tongue words are often interchangeable with modern English words, although any articles (a, an, the, etc) are generally spoken in English, unless contained within a longer idiomatic phrase


Abel - Cain's younger brother, murdered by Cain at the beginning of time. His soul was full of anger (at Cain) at the time of death, so it was not allowed into Heaven; but neither was it placed in Hell, because even Yahweh considers his anger justified. So Abel's spirit wanders the earth, searching for Cain in the hopes of revenge. He appears to a select few Hunters and, indeed, is responsible for the origins of the Order.

Aberration - A derogatory term for Vampire, referring to the fact that their existence is a horribleaccident

Acolyte - A Vampire who has shown great promise and has extreme control over Dark, but is not as militarily-minded. These Vampires do research and experimentation to gain a greater understanding of Dark. Roughly equivalent in rank to a Sire.

Bite - The act of a Vampire biting another creature with the intent of draining blood

Blank - A somewhat derogatory term for a Hunter candidate that has been rejected, referring to their inability to serve Day and, thus, channel Light

Bloodlust - The actions that a Vampire lapses into when his body is critically low in blood; at this point, the Vampire loses all control over himself. Dark seizes control of his body in the name of self-preservation and will force him to attack anything nearby, friend or foe, to acquire more blood. Because these actions are largely performed by Dark alone, the Vampire will often seem to have strength and endurance even higher than his or her normal supernatural abilities.

Bond - The act of a Vampire turning another creature into a slave through a special use of Darkduring the Taint. This usually involves the carving of unique and ancient symbols into the victim's body to provide a physical channel for the metaphysical essence of Dark. It is generally believed that the more elaborate and ornate the symbols, the greater the Vampire's control over his or her slave will be.

Cain - The first and therefore most powerful Vampire, he is revered as a God by the Vampire Legion and feared above all else by the Hunters

Cleansing - The reversal of the Taint; through a long and difficult ceremony, a Priest with exceptional control over Light can transfer his or her own soul into a temporary container, usually a ceremonial weapon of some kind, which can then be used to transfer the soul into a Vampire. When the connection between body and soul has been reestablished, the Taint reverses itself, and the Vampire becomes a human again - but the Priest must sacrifice his or her own life, since removing his soul will cause death.

Dark - The power that Vampires control, conferred on them by Night; it is fed by negative emotions, and can act only destructively

Darkest One - A somewhat reverential title for Cain

Day - The deity responsible for the continuing existence of Hunters and their control over Light

Dormanu - Old Tongue for "Haven"; generally used as a term for a Vampire hiding place

Ekoliru - Old Tongue for "Sacred Blood"; the blood of a truly pure individual, many Vampires consider it to be better tasting, verging on addicting

Elder - A local or regional leader of the Vampire Legion. This is the highest rank available to a living member of the Legion.

End Times - Contrary to more traditional sources, the End Times spoken of here do not reference the end of the world, or Armageddon, but rather the End of the war between Vampires and Hunters that has raged since the dawn of time.

Fangie - Any Vampire

Furball - Usually a Werewolf, sometimes used as a general term for any Shifter

Hunter - A low-ranking, generally soldier member of the Holy Order of the Hunter; this term also applies to any member of the Order ranked higher than "Servant of the Light" but who has not yet recevied the distinction of being made a Leader.

Judged / Judging - The event that occurs whenever a soul is seperated from its body; the weight of its owners positive and negative actions throughout life are balanced and the soul is placed in either Heaven or Hell accordingly.

Leader - Third rank in the Holy Order of the Hunter. Leaders comman squads of anywhere from 4 to 10 Hunters. Roughly equivalent rank to a Priest.

Life Vampire - A Vampire that belongs to a very small minority which believes that peaceful coexistence with Hunters and Humans is possible

Light - The power that Hunters control, conferred on them by Day; it is fed by positive emotions

Marked One - Cain; refers to the mark that God placed on Cain's forehead after being banished, as per the Torah

Martyr - Any member of the Order that was slain serving the Order. Obviously, this "rank" can only be conferred posthumously.

Night - The deity responsible for the continuing existence of Vampires and their control over Dark

Ordained / Ordination - To be formally declared a member of the Order and, thus, taken under the care of their patron deity, Day. In individuals that are capable, it also confers the ability to manipulate Light.

The term is also used for the Vampire ceremony when a generic Vampire is promoted to Sire or Priest, and then again to Elder.

Order - Abbreviation for "The Holy Order of the Hunter"

Origin - Any animal Tainted by a Vampire (usually Cain himself), which then has the power to turn a normal human into a Werecreature. This does NOT work on a Vampire or a human that has been ordained a Hunter; they are protected by their patron deities.

Priest - Fourth rank in the Holy Order of the Hunter. Priests exercise greater control over Light and do important research into further exploitation of the power. Roughly equivalent rank to a Leader.

Prophecies - A series of quasi-religious texts held by the Order; some doubt their validity, but they have foretold several important events in the Order.

Saint - A local or regional leader of the Holy Order of the Hunter. This is the highest rank available to a living member of the Order.

Saved - The term for a Vampire whose soul was judged worthy to enter Heaven; they are generally less resentful and better disposed towards others

Servant - The lowest rank in the Holy Order of the Hunter, they serve as stewards and errand-boys; full title "Servant of the Light"

Seth - Youngest brother of Cain and Abel, but unknown to either of them; Seth was born after Abel was murdered and Cain was Tainted. Years later, he was bitten by a wolf that Cain had fed off of. Because of animals' lack of souls, the Taint had a strange effect on the wolf, and that bizarre effect was transferred to Seth in the form of a transformation that Seth is not always able to resist, making him the first Werewolf.

Sire - A Vampire who has shown great promise and has admirable control over Dark, but is an exceptional combatant. Sires generally travel with a contingent of anywhere from 4 to 6 Vampires. Roughly equivalent to an Acolyte in rank.

Slave - A human that has been Bitten and Tainted by a Vampire. They are forced to serve their patron Vampire until they are released. They are not necessarily Tainted, and at times the scars from their Bonding are still visible.

Taint - The stain that a Vampire imposes on a human's blood to turn them into a Vampire.

Tainted - Any Vampire

Vampire – Any human that has been Tainted; the term can apply to any Vampire that is ranked higher than a slave but has not achieved the rank of Sire or higher

Vampire Legion - Term for the united nation of Vampires worldwide; any Vampire is welcomed into the Legion, so long as they acknowledge and respect the hierarchy that has been in place since Cain himself was Tainted by Yahweh

Wolfy / Wolfies - Any werewolf or group of werewolves

Yahweh - The deity responsible for humanity and the creation of Earth; sometimes referred to as "The Christian God" or "The God of the Jews"