Gerhard Schroder is a commie
Mainly because I can't figure out how to do that
Fucking German 'o' thing with the horizontal :
On my stupid fucking keyboard and if I could
I'm sure that fictionpress would mercilessly repress it
Just like this sign that you can't read because it's not there
I fucking hate Schroder
(Just pretend the 'o' up there has the horizontal : thingie)
Though mostly dispassionately, since he's on the other side of the Atlantic
And doesn't mean a runny shit to me and my life

Karl Marx was a fucking commie
I bet no-one knows that he raped goats
As all commies are wont to do, except sometimes they rape German babies
Or Jewish ones
But everyone knows that, so moving on

Plato and Aristotle were commies, and so was Julius Caesar
Actually, Karl Marx was a product of genetic engineering involving these three fuckwads
And their… well, fuckwads
Except they included Jewish DNA so they could
Pass off that Principles of the Elders of Zion bullshit as having some basis in reality
And Hitler was a commie too
And so is Darth Vader,
But he's okay because he has a lightsaber and was voiced by James Earl Jones

Everyone's a fucking commie
Everyone but me

My bitches are all commies
That's why I hit them so hard, all the fucking time
I'm pretty sure it hurts them more than me
Except this one time when I did it, when my wrist was broken
That time it hurt me like a motherfucking sonofabitch
Her, not so much
She laughed, in fact
They still haven't found her body
Mostly because "they" are all retarded commie welfare bums with badges and guns

George Bush is a commie
You can tell because his eyes are so close together
Just like Che's
Also, all commies wear funny hats, but George Bush doesn't
So that raises red (haha) flags
Like he's trying to hide something

You might say that this poem doesn't rhyme and that would be very true
But that is because and only because you're a fucking commie