There's a light stain shining on the floor,
I wrote on your hands: "Won't miss you anymore"
Can't think straight enough—my cares are burning up,
Don't drop your concern, because I've seen you growing tough

I said nightly, "I'm about to burst my seams"
And you hated me for puncturing your dreams
Twist the last thought (it screamed), "You've got to hear me out"
I lit a candle and scared away your doubt

And when the last extreme
The final thing
Is tilting toward the ledge,
Fill that gaping hole
With laughing screams
And even down the edge
Film your nightmares,
Your memories,
And shine them on the screen
Lifts your heart to know:
It's finally what it seems

Exposure peels away, the sting is sizzling hot
Can't break the day or give the love you sought
I've split your heart in two, the pain is on the floor,
I wrote on your hands: "Won't miss you anymore"


Aches fill nothing, and nothing's coming true
I've reaped your heartbeats and now I'm laughing too
Cast the signal and go repair the waves,
I've left your worries, and worry always pays


Naïve as I am at writing songs, I'm not sure how well I structured this, so suggestions are welcome, as always. However, I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I haven't written something that rhymes so much in a while and I enjoyed it, so I'm happy. Review!