I do not own any of the associated stores and restaurants afore mentioned. Please don't sue, I look for money to buy gum under my sofa.

They say people can be addicted to anything, drugs, sex, fighting, hell even chocolate.

But I think I'm the only person in the world addicted to my job. Don't get my wrong, I'm certainly not a workaholic, I mean I don't go to work trying to escape real life or anything, besides I only work weekends. I just love my job, while I hate getting up early on weekends to go to work, once I get there I feel kind of rejuvenated. But loving my job isn't what makes me an addict.

I got this job when I was fifteen, at the time it was the only place hiring, and I desperately needed the job, if I was ever gonna buy those 200 dollar Jordan's. I worked hard and two paychecks later, voilaI had my Jordan's, most teens after having attained their goal would have quit, but I enjoyed my work so I kept at it. I mean who wouldn't mind some spending cash on the side. I thought I would have gotten the working thing out of my system by the time school started, but surprisingly to me and my mother, who thought I'd quit after the second day, I didn't. I continued right into the school year making room in my schedule for my job. I spent a year of my life working ten cents above minimum wage. Shortly afterwards the Burger King down the street shut down because of a kitchen fire, when they re-opened they were in dire need of workers, so much so they were paying two dollars more than my current job. I should have quit and ran to BK but I didn't, when my mom asked about it I gave her some lame excuse about how I hated having to relearn how to use a register. She didn't buy it but she left me alone, for a while. It got worse, my friend who had finally gotten into the working thing told me about her job that was paying three dollars and twenty-five cents more than my current job. I guess she expected me to quit and try and apply there but I didn't. When my mom found out about how I was still unwilling to leave my job. She went ballistic talking about how when she was getting her first job they paid her two seventy-five an hour. I ignored her. So here I am still making five twenty-five, when even my friends working at Wal-Mart as greeters were making more money than me.

I don't know if you have figured out where I work, you should be able to tell by the trademark on this napkin, yes a napkin. I am writing to you on a napkin, because it's all I have managed to find that I can write on. I would have written on the receipt paper but were all out at the moment, a new shipment comes tomorrow if they can make it through the snow. I really have no clue why I'm writing this. I guess it's cause I'm so desperately bored. It's been two hours since a customer came in. The other crew members are tossing old nuggets into a large cup. I decided not to join them incase Julie decides to come back up from her office. Julie is the general manager of our store, yes they call it a store, while she isn't the only manager she is the highest up, whenever she is on duty all happenings go through her.

There is only one other manager on duty today, and that's Ted, he is throwing nuggets with the rest of the crew. Ted is only nineteen and he makes about the same amount as money as my uncle John who is a social worker in Ohio, who might I mention is 42. At nineteen you'd expect Ted to be the most liked, him being ten years younger than all the other managers, but that position was given to Chris. Only the guys seem to like him most girls dislike him because Kate dislikes him. I mean Kate use to like him, she even use to think he was sexy, ugh. That is until Teddy got her sent home, I prefer to call him Teddy than Ted or Theodore. Well anyway Teddy scolded Kate in front of Julie, but not only did she scold Kate in front of Julie but got her sent home, usually when you get sent home it always means a pink slip, but Kate is special. Every manager, other than Teddy is her best friend she gossips with them about her fellow crewmembers and everything, sometimes getting them fired, but for some retarded reason they still like her. Damn, I wandered off back to Teddy and Kate's show down. Basically what happened was Kate was talking instead of working, which might I mention she does quite often, but no one seems to notice. When Teddy came up to her and blatantly told her that if she didn't feel like working she should just go home. Of course Julie was skulking about "evaluating" us when she noticed the two. Kate feeling high and mighty argued with Teddy claming he had no right to judge her work performance. That's a laugh, well anyway Julie heard the whole conversation and sent Kate home for being disrespectful, she immediately began to cry, and for like five seconds I felt bad for her. Usually when you get sent home the pink slip follows but unsurprisingly Kate soon returned ever cheery and happy all troubles forgotten, but she hated Teddy so all the girls followed suit, except for me and Kit. Personally I like Teddy, he is one of the only managers that looks beyond how charismatic you are or how well you smile. He sees how well you do your job. Really though I like Teddy because he doesn't like Kate. I know it sounds mean but I can't help it.

The more I think about it now I realize I may never do this again, I mean this is a one time thing, I mean when is the next time I'll get a two hour opportunity to write. The only reason I could today was because there was three feet of snow on the ground, and we were the only ones dumb enough to venture outside our homes. I gotta go now, Julie is out of her office and she's skulking again, and I have to look busy.

AN/ Okay I know I'm supposed to be updating Midnight Raven, but this popped into my head. This story is based on my adventures in the fast-food industry. Yes names have been changed, but this is fact, I have exaggerated a little bit and some of the plot is false, but basically all that happens in the restaurant is true. Man now looking back I wish I had a job again, but schooling is eating up all of my time. Wow this is a long author's note.